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  1. RockStar_PoohBear
    RockStar_PoohBear Jadin
    Happy Thanksgiving Jadin! -Liv
  2. CaptainMurky
    CaptainMurky RockStar_PoohBear
    Happy Thanksgiving Liv i'm thankful for having a great friend like you
  3. RockStar_PoohBear
    RockStar_PoohBear Princessbacon
    Happy Thanksgiving PB!! You are an amazing girl and hope you have an awesome day
  4. RockStar_PoohBear
    RockStar_PoohBear Magenta
    Happy Thanksgiving! You are an amazing boss and friend to me and hope you have a great day
  5. RockStar_PoohBear
    RockStar_PoohBear Lily
    Happy Thanksgiving Lily! You're an awesome girl and I hope you have a great day
  6. RockStar_PoohBear
  7. RockStar_PoohBear
    RockStar_PoohBear nekinew
    Happy Thanksgiving Neki! <3
  8. Dancer_Olaf
  9. Daniella
    Daniella RockStar_PoohBear
    Thank you so much!! Happy Thanksgiving Olivia ❤️❤️
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  10. RockStar_PoohBear
    RockStar_PoohBear Dinglehopper
    Happy Thanksgiving Miss Megster!! You are an amazing mermaid and I hope you have a great day
  11. Dancer_Olaf
    Dancer_Olaf HOST_Ariel
    Happy late birthday to the most fabulous fishy around!
  12. Malu
  13. Celeste
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
  14. harleyquinn
  15. spacedogmike
  16. MrChemistry
    MrChemistry Jasmyn
    Happy Thanksgiving! Surprised you're up :P
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    2. Jasmyn
      Awe! Happy Thanksgiving to you too :) I hope it was a good one!
      Nov 23, 2017 at 10:16 PM
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    3. MrChemistry
      Thanks! It was :)
      Nov 23, 2017 at 10:42 PM
  17. RockStar_PoohBear
    RockStar_PoohBear VMK_Rapunzel
    Happy Thanksgiving Rapunzel!!
  18. RockStar_PoohBear
    RockStar_PoohBear tifffaany_
    Happy Thanksgiving to an awesome friend! I'm happy we met and you are nice :) Hope you have a great day
  19. RockStar_PoohBear
    RockStar_PoohBear CaptainMurky
    Happy Thanksgiving to an amazing friend <3 I'm happy that we are friends and hope you have a great day
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    2. CaptainMurky
      thank you liv :D
      Nov 23, 2017 at 10:09 PM
  20. RockStar_PoohBear