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    Sooooooo I've wanted a doodle fooorrreeeevvverrrrr of my character possibly with Tony Stark? I'm willing to pay with creds for a nice doodle. I posted in a few forums but I'm not sure if they're still working. Here's a little tidbit of what I said.


    info: green eye color, blonde hair (you can make it long, i have long hair irl or short like my character idc) maybe something relating to iron man (like an iron man plushie, iron man ears, etc) or the avengers? i would really love a doodle with a "selfie" with tony stark? something like this? (idk if you've seen thor ragnarok like the girls on the street lmao... but ya.) or this ... something cute like that. No words on it, please, just the doodle is fine! I'll add it to my signature (so if it could be transparent that would be faaantastic!!) and give you all the credit (obviously lol).

    Feel free to PM me or something idk! I'm open to all stuff! Maybe provide examples of doodles just for my knowledge???

    Edit: I'd like for it to be transparent so I could stick it on my signature now in place of the Tony Stark picture. :)
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