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  • Hey AlsCabals! I love your signature. Do you do them for other players by chance?
    Yeah! I'm actually really freaked out about it but it's going to be a low key wedding and she said I can practice with her wedding so yep. I have to sooner or later. :p It's fun! I really like it. That's completely understandable though. :)
    Understandable! I wish I took classes. I got photoshop for free off of the internet annnnd I actually do photo sessions! So I've done senior photos and family photos for Christmas etc. and this August I'm doing my first wedding so I'm excited. :) It's a little extra money for bills and my car!
    It's nice, I really enjoy it. Film is cool and something I REALLY enjoy but it gets expensive! I want to start again though. I don't know that much either honestly haha! So when people ask me what camera to buy it's like uhhhhhhh. D: I would definitely suggest investing in one when you are able to. :) They're awesome and I think you'd really enjoy it! And yeah, mine doesn't have a touch screen so you got me haha!
    It's a Canon Rebel T2i! With a 50mm f/1.8 lens (only ~120-150 dollars and the best investment ... ever). I got it a couple of years ago and it's holding up well! :) I love it so much! I'd suggest it. They have the T3i, T4i, and T5i (I think) that are out now though. Oh! And like 3/4 of my feed is actually film! I used a film camera for 2 years before I got into digital! That's a Canon AE-1 I got off of Ebay. :)
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