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  • Today!? Dang it! I won't be on today. Well you'll have to let me know how it is!! :) I know I don't have to tell you where i'm going, but I don't want you waiting around wondering where I am either :P Insidious 2 was insane and I liked it a lot because it went into a lot more about the ghosts history and stuff :) I locked my door before I went to bed, if that tells you how freaked out I was!! I forgot to tell you about it in the PM. You should watch more scary movies! It's a good movie to watch and cuddle to ;) ;) so get your man to cuddle up with ya! What are you up to today? Hopefully not working, I don't want you to pass out!! I'm about to leave for class in like an hour and half. So i'm just relaxing til then. Wow i'm typing way too much for a quick visitor message! Haha :)
    Oh btw...I can't seem to access the new keeps giving me this orange post that says "You must be connected to send a message" Any idea what that means? :/ I hope I don't miss anything
    Please don't punch me :/ I'm sorry I forgot to tell you about the movies! I'll respond to your message tomorrow, i'm so tired right now! Going to go relax in my bed :) Nighty night!
    Hi!! I'm so sorry lovey! Okay so I had my night class tonight and then right after I met up with my friend and went and saw Indisious 2! Which was soooo scary!! I didn't let go of her hand for the entire movie (practically 2hrs long) I've missed you! How was your day? Weren't you off today??
    Have fun in your exercise class! Another round of groceries? How much food do ya need?? :P Classes were fine I'm not sure how well I did on my History exam, but it's our first exam of the year, so i'm not that worried. My speech class was okay, as well. Today went by really fast thankfully! I do feel kinda exhausted mentally, though :P
    I love your new avatar!!! :) BB<3 I'm sooo glad class is over. Where are you!? It says you're online! :P I should probably start typing your PM! Have I missed anything?...oh yea I!! :P
    I'll message you later today after class! I've been working on my review sheet/studying since I woke up. Ugh! Can this week be over yet? :/ Have a great day today!! :)
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