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    This is old but I do xD
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    Riddle Game

    Time to get a new dad because that one shows favoritism
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    Riddle Game

    A thing there is whose voice is one; Whose feet are four and two and three. So mutable a thing is none That moves in earth or sky or sea. When on most feet this thing doth go, Its strength is weakest and its pace most slow.
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    hi batman i'm poison ivy

    hi batman i'm poison ivy
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    Most Under Appreciated Disney Movie?

    On second thought, I'd say all the older ones (originals up to 1989). I really appreciate the old ones, because they were fairy tales. They had real villains, not people who always had to be good in the end. They died, which now you're not allowed to do. They have to go to jail or something...
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    Favorite Disney Princess

    Aurora. She's not annoying. She doesn't spend the whole film singing. I can only remember her singing one song. She's more to herself. She likes nature. She's the prettiest. I like her dress (when it's pink). She's classic. She belongs to one of the best Disney films. I like her castle... well...
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    isnt the maliboomer that ride i was terrified of going on at california adventures? the one they...

    isnt the maliboomer that ride i was terrified of going on at california adventures? the one they took out?
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    Favorite Book(s)/Series!

    I haven't gotten that one in a looong time. I always get Kurt Cobain.
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    Nostalgic 90s movies

    Bram Stoker's Dracula... a classic
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    i traded my dreams shirt for snowman magic because i wanted the magic more. i had no interest in the shirt. even though the shirt is worth quite a bit more, i traded it for something i wanted. i traded my dream pin for international showcase pins. then i decided all of it really doesn't matter...
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    Who cares? It's all virtual stuff :P
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    Post Your Baby Picture!

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    Post a Picture of Yourself. Again

    Censored! Halloween :P
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    What are your favorite tv shows?

    Blast to the past... Once Upon a Time Downton Abbey Dark Shadows Keeping Up Appearances South Park Mr. Bean Blackadder Are You Being Served? 10th Kingdom (excellent miniseries if you like Once Upon a Time) Merlin Maude Golden Girls Twilight Zone Star Trek X-Files Absolutely Fabulous Little...
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    Maleficent - The Movie

    Don't forget the video game Alice in Wonderland graphics and the silly swamp creatures. LOL