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  • i've been great! :cloud: how've you been? ps last night's once upona time! :yay:
    Hi. I just saw your character on MyVMK. I am MusicEllen on there. I saw your character in Jungle Cruise. Nice to meet you.
    The Bahamas!!! That's awesome! I hope you have an amazing trip and have a great time at the wedding. :) Yes, we do what we want ;) Ahahaha! Yeah, I mostly just check forums nowadays, quicker then logging in to the game for no reason ahha. :) love you xox
    We're just the most perfect best friends <3 Haha ;) Yeah I'm definitely more in to clothes, and I hate trading! Because I just give what I'm willing to for items I want but no one is willing to trade anything for their actual worth! People are so greedy :P Haha :P I really miss you though...hopefully catch you on the game soon hun<3
    Yeah I miss you a ton!<3 Honestly I haven't been on as much either just because I'm starting to lose interest already. I mean I love VMK, but I run out of things to do...it gets kinda repetitive. I can see why I played for hours as a kid, but now that I'm older it's different. Also, people aren't always so kind and it can get frustrating at times. :P School is a bit more important to me right now. I'll probably come in for like 5 minutes everyday just to see if anything is new and talk to the really good friends that I have made...but besides that, I don't plan on coming on much anymore. :P I LOVE YOU THOUGH EMMA<3
    Yeah I was fine, he was just so rude! You just don't do stuff like that....ridiculous! I was glad there were other people in the room that were willing to stick up for me though, made me feel good. :) Anyways I MISS YOU<3.
    This guy was calling me really bad names because of my religion...everyone there backed me up though so it was alright. I reported/ignored him.
    Emma!<3 I literally logged in and went to captain's quest quarters right when you logged out! and some drama went on in there...oh my...:P but I gotta get off now, may be on later, not sure! love you<3
    sounds goood :) and oh my word worst experience ever ;P I was getting sick for 12 hours straight! but today I am loads better :)
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