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    **CLOSED...How was pandora floating island released

    Hope this helps!
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    **CLOSED...How was pandora floating island released

    @Midien Looks like it came out May 2018 for VMK Anniversary Month... Looks to have been placed in the Shop for 1,000 credits
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    Welcome back! :)
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    Aloha, Greetings, Bonjour, Howdy!
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    New Player/Returning Player Price Guide by Lokrosa

    Great and helpful read! :)
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    Hide and Seek - Guide

    Thank you for the clarification @HOST_Tuke!!! :) Almost lost the other day because I said the phrase while running over to the staff member! Thankfully nobody was in the room and I could resay the phrase to win properly! :D
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    I have an Angel Onesie for sale<3
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    Question's Questionable Rooms (Again)

    You will forever be the master of designing rooms... no question about it...
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    Old-timer recently returned!

    Welcome back :)
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    3.5mil + SUNFLOWER CROWN + MORE for YOUR Angel Wings

    Updated offer and added sunflower crown
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    Royal Ride: Gift Shop

    I figured if anyone missed the ride-a-thon event this afternoon or would just like to know the prices for each item so they know how much to save up for; it may be beneficial to have a thread to go back to and view. Each time you ride through the entire ride-a-thon you receive, "1 Ride Point"...
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    Aristocats Hat Offer