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    List of VMK's 15th Anniversary Raffle PRIZES

    yes i want to see all the hats plz :)
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    Red or OG minnie

    what are you offering for the red one?
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    Looking For Credits Closed

    i am out
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    Looking For Credits Closed!

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    LF Red Flip

    right ty SunshinyCashew i think it is that one too.
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    LF Red Flip

    got a picture? i didn't even know there was a red flip hat.
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    Newest Quest items

    40k for the hat
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    got a pic?
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    LF vmk quest pins!

    ok gl :)
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    LF vmk quest pins!

    I believe I have them all if you want I am asking 10k each
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    close plz

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    close plz

    PM me offers please.
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    close plz

    Hi, I have a few of these SITS pins from events. They are Item.16841 which is Pink and Sword in the Sea single use pins and look amazing on lanyards. Let me know if you like and what your offer for one or both would be ty. I have 1 pink and 4 blue left!!