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  • I would miss it too! lol. Flapper style is really cute and they seem like they all love to have fun it would be cool. :grin:
    Oh that's cool! I have friends that major in Psych and they like it :) I go to the Downtown Phoenix campus, but West is the farthest from every other campus! But still awesome! Do you have to come down here for orientation?
    Oh yay! You'll love it :) Are you coming from out of state? And what campus are you going to?
    Yes! It's so cute how he's shy and afraid! I think my favorite part is when Gatsby and Daisy spend all that time together! I also like how colorful the movie is for some reason everything just really pops! c:
    Haha yes the movie is great! :)
    But Ooooh Leonardo any day! c: love him!
    I do think they were larger, but maybe it "unnaturally stretched" the page for somebody. It didn't do it to mine, so I figured the size was ok. Oh well.
    and itd probably be "i dont see a need to respond to this" or "-insert something ive already said 2119584 times and you clearly arent satisfied with and does not answer any of your questions or address any of your concerns-"

    how long do i have to wait before a "Handling of concerns and PMs by staff" thread is appropriate.
    no but its like, "PM us if you have an issue or we ban you from shoutbox". if you'd actually reply to my PMs without me hounding you 500 times after my ban expires and its not worth even discussing...
    agree completely. it's funny, I'm supposed to pm them if I have an issue. I pmed you know who And still haven't gotten a response.
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