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  • Ok soooo i tryed EVERYTHING and nothings working.. It has to do with shockwave. It was working fine. No idea what happen. Its making me mad ..
    You should be a forum admin. Lol srsly. :) But thank you for adding me as a friend when I was new. It was very kind of you :) goodmorning btw.
    Wow ! You've really got this down to a science. :) I'll have to remember those tips for next time (:
    Hey are u able to log in to the game? Past two days it will not let me log in with either one of my computers...
    Bahhaa that made me laugh! My computer is pretty laggy so by the time I can see the shells, they're all gone! That's awesome though! I'm very lazy about getting credits...:P
    Yeah JC does get pretty glitchy...and I am terrible at Fireworks! Haha :) Well maybe I'll come to the Captain's Quarters again soon and see if you're there haha. :) And yes same here, school and work keeps me pretty busy. :P
    That's great :) I don't think I have ever seen you in game! Where is your favorite hangout place on VMK? :)
    I liked the music mix to lol. Yea hopefully i do as more ppl learn that its back open. Well have a good day :rickroll:
    Tyvm :hug: Being sick is no fun. Hmm ok that was my username on the orginal. I have found maybe 5 of my old friends, but thats ok always love making new ones. :music: I am waiting for the day they open back up POTC, cant wait!!
    I have been really sick which sux.. but feeling better finally :rainbow: Seen u added me so decided to message u. So u played the orginal vmk i see. Did u know a girl with the username Turlington? :whee:
    That's incredible!! I may take you up on the offer ... perhaps he could create an awesome signature of Axel ... ;) If not, I understand! :)
    I agree! Zex needs more love - but Axel is my favorite and always will be! :halcyon: Did you create your Zexion signature??? It's awesome!
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