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  • Your inbox is full :( Here is my credit spree list:

    List for 6k spree:

    x6 It's A Small World Pin - 3000
    x12 ALR Wide Tree - 3000

    List for 24k spree:

    x3 ALR Grass Small Pink - 750
    x5 ALR Grass Small Green - 1250
    x10 ALR Grass MED Green - 2500
    x5 ALR Grass LG Green - 1250
    x12 ALR Grass LG Pink - 3000
    x5 ALR Paint Cans - 1250
    x2 ALR Mushrooms SM - 1000
    x7 PPR Rocks Small - 1750
    x4 PPR Neverland Flat 1 - 1000
    x8 PPR Neverland Flat 4 - 2000
    x4 PPR Small Island - 1000
    x5 PPR Rocks Large - 1750
    x12 ALR Sand Carpet - 3000
    x1 PPR Water Carpet 2 - 300
    x4 PPR Water Carpet 1 - 1200
    x1 Bear Rug - 1000

    I think that equals 24k. You can double check and make sure if you want :)
    i typically dont send or read in-game msgs-i usually have to delete them right away, sometimes without reading them (i feel really bad about doing this :(), bc the msg menu makes my game glitch, freeze, and crash (i think i have too many friends). i was able to see ur msg though, and ill answer your question-the retired beta items are the ones that were pulled from the shop and suddenly became very rare (supposedly) and high in demand. such items include: the pink slipper chair, the red teepee, the cyan ariel treasure bench, and a few others. however, despite them also being pulled from the shop, the matterhorn bobsleds pin (not the host prize) and the enchanted tiki room 3/9 pin have been very low in demand and not as valuable-idk why lol :D
    Nahhh I wouldn't want such huge responsibility XD And no worries! Everyone should have friends when they're new somewhere.
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