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  • I joined towards the last week in October 2013. :D I just googled VMK and found some information about MyVMK. I registered and was very thrilled. I did OVMK, but then it got closed the next day. :) When did you join?
    No problem. That is great that you are doing great. :D Good for you. I am glad VMK is back too. I am doing good. Thank you. :)
    Hi. I see your character right now on MyVMK. We are in a hangout room together. :) I am MusicEllen on there. Nice to meet you. I'm glad VMK is opened. Aren't you? How are you doing?
    Hey :) I posted to your trade thread! lemme know if you're interested in forming a deal!
    If you don't get my message this time, You may have to PM me and I'll have to reply to it lol. My computer is being kinda weird!
    Well to start off theres two games that you could play Fireworks and Jungle Cruise for credits. If you need a guide on tips when playing them theres one on the forums here. You can also collect shells in Captain Quest Quarters which give 10 credits per shell. Also make sure to stop by the Npcs each day they give credits, they also were giving keys and crates out( although) i think this might of ended today not exactly sure. Also make sure to look at the events and make sure to attend Host events to win prizes and the ride a thons as well.
    Your welcome. :) If you have questions or need help with something let me know. I'll be glad to help. Have a great new year:)
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