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    HOST_Absolem's Monthly Event Guide : 2021 Edition (updated for May)

    Hi, I’m a little confused about the ride a thon points?
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    Golden clams?

    hi, im sorry, i dont think im in the right thread, but im just curious abut the golden clams... do they ever appear in the grotto or the shipwreck? Because ive found the quarters to have very little clams, some been collecting them in the grotto and shipwreck but alas no golden clams
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    What do YOU want to happen with the game?

    This game really meant a lot to me when I was younger as I was in and out of hospital a lot, so tbh I’m really excited it’s back. unfortunately I didn’t realise it was back until a little while ago, so I missed out on a lot of the cool stuff, but I mean, I would like to see maybe some more...
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    Looking For Credits Cjswag's Pin Trades

    Hi :) how much for the villains hades, and villains Gaston? (also what do they look like?) :)
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    Looking For Credits 4/3 Inventory Cleanout Sale!

    Hello, how much is Anastasia full outfit? :)
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    Selling a bunch of stuff!

    Thank you ever so much
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    Looking For Credits $ALE

    Hello, may I see the belle winter top and skirt?
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    Og player, new player?

    I think so :) i just hope you weren’t the one I embarrassed myself in front of,
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    Hi darlin

    Hi darlin
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    Selling a bunch of stuff!

    Not a problem :)
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    Selling a bunch of stuff!

    I would very much like the keyblade kingdom key please. That’s the normal one yeah?
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    Looking for hades or Gaston related things or yeti

    Hi all. im currently looking for Elizabeth Swann dress bottoms (I missed out of the skirt) hades or Gaston pins hades robes gaston pants (i have the top) anything kingdom hearts related or yeti things. :) i can trade my stuff or credits. thank you <3
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    Looking For Credits Pins for Sale! w/ PICS & PRICES

    ooh yes those, I’m very interested in them, how much and where can I meet you? :D
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    Og player, new player?

    I think I found you in vmk, I hope you don’t mind I sent a friend request
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    Og player, new player?

    Oh cool, hi :)