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    MyVMKPal - Can't uninstall :( (Help!)

    I'm going through the Windows 10 settings & app uninstaller l because I actually don't see any "uninstall" in the MyVMK folder
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    MyVMKPal - Can't uninstall :( (Help!)

    Heeeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeee I have been trying for the past hour now to uninstall MyVMKPal because it just doesn't work for me anymore and the client through a browser is so much easier. Anytime I try to uninstall it, I get a message that says "Unable to connect to download server. Closing...
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    #DigitalDragShow Anyone?

    It's live right now on twitch! Watch with me :)
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    LF Figment Shirt

    I also have this!
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    LF Figment Hat

    I have one!
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    Question on how/where items are released

    Hello everyone :) For the past few months that I have been trickling in and out of the game, I feel like I've noticed differences in what's been posted in the newsletter and what's available in the shops (Emporium usually, right?). Are "missing" items a program thing or is it a consistent...
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    *slides back in clumsily*

    Is that a word? Left unintentionally for a good amount of time and now hoping to be back on regularly for some virtual decompressing and online community cultivating (that includes getting my butt kicked in all things POTC). Just wanted to say hello again :) Interested in: the color black...
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    Jungle Cruise

    I am currently having this problem :(
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    *HELP* Black Screen/Re-Authenticate/Cannot Get into MyVMK

    hella crashing, now i can't even log into play
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    MyVMK Forums Sports Event!

    While I was in Elementary school I had really great potential to be really good track teams and middle school and high school, but when it came down for me to start in the 7th grade, I started getting really sick. Then no Physician would give me a pass on my physical because I started having a...
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    Giving Away One Violet Magic (maybe more)-Only for people who still didn't win one.

    Are you still doing the giveaway? I'm confused haha, i saw you post it on te group today
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    Happy Valentine's Day: Win a Stitch Forum Medal!

    Worst Valentine's Memory: My boyfriend (at the time) couldn't celebrate Valentine's Day with me because he was working and I was working the whole weekend of it. We were in High School then and were dating for a little over 3 years. So we went to go see the movie Lincoln and WE BROKE UP...
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    Taking users to the parks Going to Disney World next month!

    Hello, I would Like to go to WDW for the first time ever :) Please and thank you! IGN: MushroomLove
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    pin trades

    I would like an incredibles logo and sydrome logo pin :) I don't remember when those were released :o