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    What do YOU want to happen with the game?

    I hope and pray your Mom gets well soon @milklady
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    Swimming with the Fishes! - Maze

    This was so fun! Thank you Morph!
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    Marvel Crate Items

    Cool, thanks. I was confused because the "place" button is greyed out but maybe that was because I was in a public room. Ty!
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    Jungle Cruise - Pirate keys suggestion

    Thanks Extreme! I did finally get one. :)
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    Marvel Crate Items

    Help. I bought the supply crate, now what do I do? I see a crate in a public room but nothing happens when I click on it. I'm confused. Where instructions posted somewhere because this seems totally different than other crate events. Do I need a key too maybe?
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    Jungle Cruise - Pirate keys suggestion

    I know it was announced on twitter that they did but I just played 3 full games through to the end and no key. Did they decide not to?
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    Friendly Pirates Players Finder

    LF some friendly players right now
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    Not yet fixed Dark Ride Toy Story Mania start

    It doesn't have any graphics at all. If you step on the ride start, your character just glides along the ride in nothing. Thanks!
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    Stitch O' Gold

    Thank you for putting this together Oogie, it was fun!
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    Today's Quest

    What about the quest getting stuck and not letting me advance at step 88 even though I picked up the required items? If you are going to have a quest this difficult, that takes such a long time, please have staff available to assist a player stuck over 2 hours into the quest. Thank you for all...
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    Today's Quest

    I sent a couple of calls for help but didn't get a reply. I fell like I just wasted a couple of hours of my life. I appreciate all the time and effort that went into making the quest but it's very frustrating when you do all the steps and it won't let you advance. Hopefully we can get another...
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    Today's Quest

    I got through 88 of 115 and it says: "Congratulations! You found all the hidden items!" but won't advance :(
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    What is your favorite Disney Character?

    Does R2D2 count? If not counting Star Wars, Mickey is obvious but Alice is my best.
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    Do you still have Dinah and Mickey/Pluto for sale?