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  • obvi it is not secret that u luv blck boys. but is it a secret for me? will the world find out? do i need to attend the jerry show for this? i think we need to soon sign up for a theology class. good bye
    do the rafts really float? Do you think they will float me high enough to reach heaven? or do i just use the stairway to heaven? Who is really at heaven? Is it ghandi? or is it me? or is it u? or is it ur mother? will they let me in? i hope to see gandhi at the gates narrating my past life . and i hope i will not turn into a vegetable in my next life, i already was one last time. it wasnt fun. can u tell me how gandhi is? he keeps me up at night.
    sincerely, vane
    so you have left your mother in niger for gandhi in the big see? Were you guys on an all corn diet to have better speed when u run away? Also, how did you swim, i thought the squad couldn't swim. At least I cant swim. I heard gandhi can swim though. Can he really? can he teach me his ways???
    Is the magic really in Gandhi? I mean does he even have a wife? I wonder if he has any groupies. It concerns me sometimes and keeps me up at night when I think about Gandhi and his "accomplishments". By the way how is the squad? Are people really black in the squad? Do they look like coal?
    Your friend,
    wow tiffany, i see you've grown out of africa and went to the "Holy See (Vatican City)" How is it over there? I thought you liked Niger. I'm sad you've left your mother. I guess you are trying to find your own ways with the Gandhi of life. Tell me how Gandhi is. xoxo
    Sincerely, Vane
    I am not... The boy next door. I dont belong like i did before
    things will never beee
    like they usedd to be
    u can have ur dreams
    but u cant have me!!
    i feel the swag run in my veins. the swag shoes. hurry we have to get to foot locker!!
    the red/green swag shoes are coming!! #BLCKSQUAD HURRY
    UGH YES STEP BROTHER. but your brother he is so irritating... I just... but his wife... fine wow. i just want to punch your real brother in the face though. he doesnt even believe in our boats n hoez theme song. god
    K nighthawk. I have chosen the way of the bunk beds. I have built the bunk beds. I hope u dont touch my drum set or the patience will hit you right in the face..
    Goodbye step brother, vane
    ru saying that Martin has become an ear little fella? I see where you are coming from about Rebecca Black, but the results are in and... she is NOT THE MOTHER!!! -crowd ooooo's-
    I'm sorry about u being on the Maury show without knowing. I hope you don't end up on the Jerry show early in life.
    Sincerely, Vane
    Wow, one day you will grow up to be as your father Morgan Freeman was. Everyday I dream about him. Dreams are different everyday. Wow. Reminiscing on the old times. wait i forgot he was ur father again. Im sorry
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