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  • Yo Zeppelin, I just wanted to say I saw your thread that got closed and I totally agree with you dude. You can be sarcastic at times but there's a LOT of truth in what you posted. I'm sorry your thread got out of control and closed, but thank you for posting that!
    Nice to meet you.
    I just got banned for harassment on MyVMK until 3:55 A.M. tomorrow.
    I was just standing up for myself when people were being rude to me.
    Idk about it. I'm private messaging a Staff member about it though and they'll get back to me.
    Hopefully, they'll give me an e-mail address where I can message an in-game Staff.
    I actually reported the room and the three girls who were being rude to me.
    Hi. I see your character right now on MyVMK in a Trade Room. I am MusicEllen on there. Nice to meet you.
    You've got an admirer :) PM me when you're available to meet. :halcyon:

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