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    id rather be dry, but at least im alive. ill be your galaxy, im about to fly.
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    Clothes & Pins

    Hi all, please offer your credit offers below! - PM if you want or comment! *i have more to add* Clothes: American Revolution Hat American Revolution Hat with Wig Anna Shirt 70s button up with belt Ariel Shirt Bb-8 Crop top Autumn Boys Hoodie Baseball cap reversed - Breast Cancer Babydoll...
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    Clothing Clearout

    hi all pls state ur offers below! ive also pins and furni for sale - hopefully make a thread son 80s crop top 80s retro shirt 70s button up blue anna shirt (from wreck it ralph) aurora winter top and skirt autumn boys jacket ariel shirt (wreck it ralph crop top) bb-8 crop top pink breastcancer...
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    S> full spiderman costume

    hiii, hmu w offers ive 3 sets!
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    Bulk Christmas Items for Sale

    I've attached below my room of items for sale! majority is christmas! im usually in this room selling so items may be out of stock! im also EU timezone so when doing trades im usually on morning/evenings for EST
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    Christmas Clothing for Sale

    ❅ Christmas Clothing Sale ❅ ideally looking for coins! - Santa Jacket - 3k - Santa Trousers - 2k - Santa Sweater - 30k - Candy Cane Crop Top - 1k - Holiday Elf Green Jacket - 10k - Blue Flats - 1k - Christmas Skirt - 3k - Deer Antlers (new) - 6k - Hanukkah Crop top - 1k - Hanukkah jumper - 1k -...
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    Clothing Sale (mostly Halloween items)

    Hey, so below ive some items perfect for Halloween on sale rn! - prices can be negotiable Hamm Beanie - 1.5k Candy Corn Cat Ears - 2k Candy Corn Bow Tie - 1.5k Candy Corn Hair Tie - 1.5k Jack Sparrow Black Vest - 5k Jack Sparrow Black Trousers - 5k Bride of Frankenstein Veil - 2k Bride of...
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    some Clothing For Sale

    Full BellHop Costume - 4k Boo Hat - 3k Bride of Frankenstein Dress - 1k Bride of Frankenstein Top - 1k Bride of Frankenstein Veil - 2k Candy Corn Bowtie - 1k Button Up Pink Shirt - 1k Candy Corn Hair Bow - 1k Blue Flat Shoes - 500c Full Blue Cheerleader outfit - 4k Full Red Cheerleader outfit -...
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    clothing clear out

    - Hi, im going to try update this as much as i can! pls reply or dm me if interested FULL (6) Blue Cheerleader outfit - 5k (top, bottom and shoes FULL (6) Red Cheerleader outfit - 5k (top, bottoms and shoes) FULL (6) Sugar Plum costume - 6k (top, skirt and collar/cape) FULL (10) Zenon Outfit 4k...
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    MOANA Costume

    full moana costume - offers in DM?
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    Furni for Sale

    i will be adding more furni soon (8) - 60th Anniversary Lamp - 1k (1) 60th Anniversary Star Carpet - 1.5k (7) Autumn Leaves - 1k (8) BATB Doors - 2k (16) BATB Pillars - 2k (1) BATB Live Action Rose - Offers? (4) BATB Ballroom Window - 4k (14) BATB Ballroom floor - 2k (25) Blue Surprise Gift -...
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    Fixed Furni appearing in "Posters"

    so i was wondering where some of my items went and theyre appearing in the "Posters" section rather than the furni section? obviously some items belong here but ive never seen this happen before
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    Planets Clothing & Pin Sale *Edited Prices*

    ♥︎ if you have any offers or want to ask for a cheaper price we may negotiate ♥︎ Amount - Name - Price Single Items: (5) American Revolution Hat - 2k (5) American Revolution Hat w wig - 2k (1) Disney Travel T-Shirt Yellow - 1k (4) Cruella Deville Faux Fur Jacket - 4k (1) Cruella Shoes - 2k (1)...
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    Grumpy goes to Disney Pin

    hi looking for offers!
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    Planet's CLOTHING Clear OUT!

    Hi all so im selling outfits & full outfits! - if you have any offers or want to ask for a cheaper price we may negotiate Amount - Name - Price Single Items: (6) American Revolution Hat - 3k (5) American Revolution Hat w wig - 3k (10) Blue Flats Shoes - 2k (3) Candy Corn Bowtie - 3k (5) Candy...
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    Paramore - Hard Times

    never was a fan of Paramore as such but this song is stuck in my head all day! the chorus is catchy tbh
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    Lady Gaga - The Cure

    what do ya'll think of ms gaga's new single 'The Cure' #buythecureonitunes x
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    Full Costumes & Clothing

    pls offer selling full costumes: Full Baseball Red outfit (minus cap) Full Baseball Blue outfit (minus cap & shoes since ive just one pair of shoes) Full Woody Costume Full Dapper Dan Purple / Green / Blue (one pair of shoes though) Full Dr Faacilliers costume Full Eslatigirl costume Full...
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    Bare Feet

    selling for 40k or highest bidder