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  1. Jade_Embers.xo

    Ever have one of those moments where you just......

    and it just goes on forever and a day? Yeah, that's a great friendship. Never let it go :hug: @Cloudyblue
  2. Jade_Embers.xo

    Hopefully our newest item!

    This gorgeous dress needs to be released. I am in love with it, and @Tink did an AMAZING job with it. It's very classy, and cute. Pretty, and a really nice, modern, yet old-style adaption to the princess dress, but also, completely different, like the Queen of Hearts and Anna and Elsa dresses...
  3. Jade_Embers.xo

    Oompa Loompa 's of the Dark Lord

    Oompa Loompa, one of us
  4. Jade_Embers.xo

    Anna Coronation Outfit

    I am looking for the Anna Coronation outfit, I have the Anna Winter outfit, and want to trade the winter of the coronation if anyone would be up for that.