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  1. philitup

    On this day, two years ago

    On June 18th, 2013 OVMK Forums opened. I joined on the 27, but boy was it a fun summer. I hate to bring up the past, but what happened after that has been a crazy wild ride with plenty of ups and downs. I really don't know how much longer this game will last, but there are many people that have...
  2. philitup

    MyVMK's NCAA bracket competition!

    I've created a group for all of us to enter our brackets in to determine the MyVMK King of March Madness! Anyone is welcome to join, you just need to create an account on the ESPN site, and you need to enter your bracket before the first game tomorrow...
  3. philitup

    Things that keep you from having fun

    So if you haven't seen the live SnapChat story from today titled "UCA Championships" which is the national cheerleading championship being held right now at Disney's Wide World of Sports. I came home last night but they've been there since Thursday so I got some time to interact with everyone's...
  4. philitup

    Hollywood Studios Starbucks

    It just opened today!... Well kind of. Only if you showed up at a certain time and got one of these
  5. philitup

    Town Square New Years Eve Party!

    So I obviously haven't been in the game much because of the holidays, but I'd like to have a party tonight, because there's nothing better than a virtual party, right??? (Yes there is, it's called an actual party... But whatever). Either way, I don't really do much on New Years Eve other than...
  6. philitup

    If you HAD to change your name what would would you change it to?

    I would change my name to "No one" so if I ever liked a post it would show up as "No one likes this post"... So yeah, what would you change your name to?
  7. philitup

    Disney World VS DisneyLand

    So, I'm at the airport about to come back home from yet another Disney trip... This is my 14th trip to WDW, but I've only been to DL once. DisneyLand was very nice, I liked it a lot, but WDW wins by default just because of how big it is TBH. The only reason I've ever heard from anyone that...
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  9. philitup

    New mods

    Are these people that were chosen but given new forum accounts like the in-game mods, or were they selected outside of the game? And when I say "new mods" I mean the ones that have be picked in the last two days or so, like Sparrow. Just wondering, sorry if it's a bother.
  10. philitup

    Post your in-game sig here!

    The title explains itself, post your in-game sig here. I like seeing other peoples' but I hardly notice it sometimes, so it's nice to have a place to put all of them IMO.
  11. philitup

    The bird hat

    Is it still out? It should be since it's still the weekend... But I can't find it in the shop. Nor can I find the pirate outfits, what the heck is going on?
  12. philitup

    Shotbox mods?

    Are they a thing now? Because a saw a member with that user title. Just curious!
  13. philitup

    4,000 members!

    We have reached 4,000 members... For the second time because they deleted all of the inactive accounts when they updated the forums. Either way, I just wanted to point that out. And as someone that's been here over a year I love seeing the community grow, it's great!
  14. philitup

    Soccer in general...

    World Cup aside, who do you cheer for? I don't have a team for outdoor, but I love to watch the MLS and BPL. I'm going to a friendly between Chivas and Swansea City tomorrow at Miller Park, which will actually be my first outdoor game ever (Depending on if the roof is closed or not XD)! So I'm...
  15. philitup

    The Prates Who Don't Do Anything.

    I'm going to start a team of members who playing POTC together. It will be made up of 30 people, and I'll be accepting 10 a week until the game opens. If you wish to join post your high score of POTC from back in the day and the top ten scores posted each week will added.
  16. philitup

    Happy summer!

    Maybe this is only a big deal to me, but if you live only about a football field away from Lake Michigan which was 91% frozen over through Feb you tend to get a little annoyed by the winter. So yeah, I'm happy that it isn't freezing anymore. XD
  17. philitup

    One year ago...

    So one year ago it probably wasn't as scary of a night as tonight, I mean for one thing the aliens weren't landing on Lake Michigan, I swear the thunder is so loud. Anyways what I'm getting at here is that one year ago OpenVMK Forums opened. How do I know this? Because every freaking live stream...
  18. philitup

    200,000 posts!

    I think it's pretty cool that we've reached that mark, I mean those are a lot of posts and we haven't been around very long at all. Well done, guys!
  19. philitup

    The 2014 World Cup

    (This has nothing to do with my contest) So the World Cup is on the 12th which is super soon! Who do you think will win? I say Brazil, they already beat Spain in the Confederations Cup last year, they defiantly have the skill. And BTW I saw this really cool video that Nikkie made the other day...
  20. philitup

    People that hate the game, leave, and then come back...

    Okay, so to anyone that has ever left because liked the game but had stuff going on so they had to leave, or if you liked the game but not the people, I'm in no way talking about you. Who I'm talking to is the people that just hate on the game, the staff, everyone and their mother on the forums...