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  1. MagicHappens

    LF Mickey Ferris Wheel!

    Hiya All! Help me recreate the magical dreams and memories of World of Color! I'm currently looking for the Mickey Ferris Wheel please! Thank you!
  2. MagicHappens

    LF: Walt and Mickey Statue

    Hi All! I'm trying to complete my Disney Castle room but need a "Walt & Mickey Statue! If you have is please let me know!
  3. MagicHappens

    LF WDW/DLR Castle Pieces

    Hiya, me again! Looking for WDW/DLR Castle walls and pieces including the Walt and Mickey partners statue please! Let me know
  4. MagicHappens


    Hiya all! I'm currently looking for Indiana Jones inspired furniture items please!! Mainly looking for multiple of the Indiana Jones Ride Temple Walls and Indiana Jones Ride Carpets EDIT: Found the flooring and walls, now looking for mainly walls and spooky things! :) Looking for mainly...
  5. MagicHappens

    Disneyland 60th Anniversary!

    Hello! Today is the 5 Year Anniversary dating back to the opening of the 60th Anniversary at the Disneyland Resort with things such as World of Color: Celebrate, Disney's Paint the Night Parade, and Disneyland Forever debuting! Were you lucky enough to experience the magic? What was your...
  6. MagicHappens


    Hello All, I hope this message finds you all well and safe! My title on MyVMK is MagicHappens. I was a member of the OG VMK known as RockingRollerCoaster. I was skeptical to join at this at first due to the fact that it brings back so many wonderful memories. I didn't believe this could step up...