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  1. Leafwing

    Golden clams?

    hi, im sorry, i dont think im in the right thread, but im just curious abut the golden clams... do they ever appear in the grotto or the shipwreck? Because ive found the quarters to have very little clams, some been collecting them in the grotto and shipwreck but alas no golden clams
  2. Leafwing

    Looking for hades or Gaston related things or yeti

    Hi all. im currently looking for Elizabeth Swann dress bottoms (I missed out of the skirt) hades or Gaston pins hades robes gaston pants (i have the top) anything kingdom hearts related or yeti things. :) i can trade my stuff or credits. thank you <3
  3. Leafwing

    Og player, new player?

    I‘m an og player from back in the day, and I feel so old playing on here now, though I really don’t mind because I love the quests and collecting pins, and it’s nostalgic, but I’m curious, are most of you og or new players?
  4. Leafwing

    Please close

    Hi, with the crates (that are in furnishings) how do you open them? I just won an Easter one and I don’t know what to do.... much appreciated, thank you ♥️
  5. Leafwing

    Those og vmk cards

    Does anyone remember those old vmk cards, you could redeem them for in game stuff... anyway I own two of them and was wondering if you think they’ll bring something back to have them in game again, or something along those lines.... anyway, thanks for reading, stay safe and love yourself. <3
  6. Leafwing

    Trading Clothing and Pins

    Okay I figured out how to do this now . .all below are for sale (trade or buy). pins: Christmas crate 2020 Horses - frou frou Lizzie’s Summer - Icecream Lizzie’s Summer - Shopping Lizzie’s Summer - Tanning Pavillion - Italy Pavillion - Morocco Submarine Voyage - Dory and Marlin clothing...
  7. Leafwing


    Hi, I’m an OG player, Leafwing on there, Leafwing on here. To say I’m beyond the moon about it being back is an understatement. But anyway, Im open to new friends, and old friends, and Trading. I have a few pins and clothes (like Kens vacation clothing) I’m open to trade. let me know, and happy...