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  1. sierramessy


    is tinkerbell hat the sparkly overhead thingy?
  2. sierramessy

    Why have there not been any recent contests? Contests are my fave part of myvmk

    I think more art contests should be added for the next few months.
  3. sierramessy

    LF pins with offers!!

    I have madame upanova!
  4. sierramessy

    This months pin trading pins! (flora and fauna spring trades)

    I'll pay your price!
  5. sierramessy

    lf blush

  6. sierramessy

    ShiverMeTrades - Selling Pins!

    can i have sheriff calliee?
  7. sierramessy

    LF pin trading pins from April 21' and October 20'

    April 2021 pin trading pins and October 2020 pin trading pins. I'll pay your price! Thanks :D
  8. sierramessy

    LF October 2020 pin trading event pins!

    they were little ghosts and kitties with pumpkins
  9. sierramessy

    BIlly's Buy My Things (Game Show Fundraiser)

    hello do you still have disco night outfit?
  10. sierramessy

    Looking for any items from October 2019-Feb 2020!

  11. sierramessy

    leah's gifs & avis [closed]

    still interested <3
  12. sierramessy

    close plz

    hi, Wreath set still available?
  13. sierramessy

    Pin Sale!

  14. sierramessy

    Selling some clothes

  15. sierramessy

    close plz

    i will think about that forsure ") ive grown attached lol
  16. sierramessy

    close plz

    yes ahahLOL sorry spider i thought u were heymann...lmao
  17. sierramessy

    close plz

    What is your Offer?