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  1. RockStar_PoohBear

    Error Loading Page

    Hi! I'm trying to get back in game when I get this error loading page thing after my character shows up. When I press enter the game, that's what pops up. Anyone else having this problem?
  2. RockStar_PoohBear

    My Pins are not Showing Up

    Been trying to access my pins and for whatever reason, they're not showing up. What's up?
  3. RockStar_PoohBear

    Friends List Not Working

    For the past couple days, my friends list doesn't show any of my friends. What's up?
  4. RockStar_PoohBear

    Age Vertification?

    When I logged in one day over the weekend, I saw that you had to verify that you were 13+. I'm curious but why did they add this?
  5. RockStar_PoohBear

    Super Bowl LII

    One week from today will be the Super Bowl, located in Minneapolis. Will you guys cheer for the Patriots or the Eagles? I will be cheering for the Patriots
  6. RockStar_PoohBear

    Disney Junior SITS Pin

    Anyone have this? I'm helping a friend out and if you have one, lmk. Thanks!
  7. RockStar_PoohBear

    Liv's Christmas List

    Hi all! For those of you doing the secret santa, here is my christmas list: Any of the Disney Park name tags from swords last month (except Shanghai) Simba Hat Christmas Dream Shirt Blizzard Beach Room Stitch or Angel Hat
  8. RockStar_PoohBear

    New Link Not Working

    Hi there! I saw the tweet about using the first download link but it doesn't work for me. Here's the link:
  9. RockStar_PoohBear

    Haunted House RockStar_Olivia

    Thanks to @Loki and @CaptainMurky for helping me. This is a Floridian themed room to help me remember my cruise and since I didn't go to WDW before it.
  10. RockStar_PoohBear

    MyVMK Pal Not Working

    Here we go again. When I try to use it, gives me "the remote server returned an error: (502) Bad Gateway. I had no problem using it last night
  11. RockStar_PoohBear

    MyVMK Pal Not Working

    I try getting onto MyVMK Pal and this shows up: Idk, I had no problems until last week
  12. RockStar_PoohBear

    RockStar_Olivia's Disney Cruise Pictures

    Hi Everyone! I am so excited to show you guys my cruise pictures. Here is part 1, all taken at LA and Orlando's airports as well as on the plane: Airport, taken from shuttle Flight info Got this from the plane, Disneyland is the yellow circle The best I could do but that's most of Disney...
  13. RockStar_PoohBear

    I'm Home from Vacation

    Hi everyone! Just giving you guys a heads up that tomorrow will be my last day on MyVMK until May 7th. Why you guys want to know? I'm going on vacation and I will be doing a two week Disney Cruise. You guys are welcome to keep track of where I am. Here is the map...
  14. RockStar_PoohBear

    Double Credits Every Weekend

    They don't do it as much anymore and everyone loves these. In fact, one of my girl friends mentioned this too
  15. RockStar_PoohBear

    LF Dance Floral Top

    Looking for the Dance Floral top and I was wondering for values too
  16. RockStar_PoohBear

    Peabo Bryson's A Whole New World at Miss Universe 1994

    Every year until I think recently, the Miss Universe (which is one of my guilty pleasures) would do a musical number with the reigning Miss Universe and the delegates. In 1994, the musical number included Peabo Bryson and serenaded the contestants with A Whole New World. The reigning Miss...
  17. RockStar_PoohBear

    Float RockStar_Olivia

  18. RockStar_PoohBear

    Moana Stuff

    Here are some ideas I was thinking of: Clothes:
  19. RockStar_PoohBear

    2017 Movies

    What movies are you guys going to want to see in 2017? Here are mine: -A Dog's Purpose (1/27) -The Lego Batman Movie (2/10) -Logan (3/3) -Beauty & the Beast (3/17) -Smurfs the Lost Village (4/7) -Guardians (5/5) -Pirates (5/26, just after my birthday) -Cars 3 (6/16) -Despicable Me 3 (6/30)...
  20. RockStar_PoohBear

    Remember When?

    With Thanksgiving being tomrrow, I wanted to share this: I know it was the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland at the time (2005) but they used WDW's logo instead. I thought this was so neat and I was 10 years old at the time. In addition, this was the year the old VMK opened so this is bringing...