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  1. lk on vmk

    Please delete

    Hi I'm selling a nice Clu hoodie from the crates for 250k! Please message if interested :) In game: JediCookie
  2. lk on vmk

    Selling Host Prize - Big Al's Bucket Hat for 20K SOLD

    Send me a message :) Sold for 15K
  3. lk on vmk

    Selling a few rares -- ALL SOLD :)

    Hi, I'm selling a few rare items - please message me if interested! - Mando's Jetpack - 1.6 million traded for Octopus travel pet :) - White baggy pants - 600k decided not to sell - Black pacifier - 700K SOLD 600K Will consider all offers so please send me a DM! Also, would be willing to...
  4. lk on vmk

    Orange Bird Snow Pin from Host Event - 5K SOLD

  5. lk on vmk

    Hanukkah Sweater - 5K

    From the maze - winning prize :)
  6. lk on vmk

    Selling Orange Bird Snow Pin from Host Event - 6K

    Let me know if you need this pin :)
  7. lk on vmk

    Selling HOLIDAY - ARIEL Ultra Rare SITS - 20K SOLD!!

    20K :) SOLD!!
  8. lk on vmk

    Selling Belle Pin (rare) from SITS - 8K SOLD!!

    Let me know! :)
  9. lk on vmk

    Selling Host Prize (green sweater!) - 10K BOTH SOLD!

    Let me know. I can do this two times... :)
  10. lk on vmk

    Selling Tod & Vixey Pin - 5K

    See photo :)
  11. lk on vmk

    Selling Casual Tod Shirt - 5K SOLD!! TY!

    Host prize this week :)
  12. lk on vmk

    Selling Full Set of Sword in the Stone Pins for November - 30K SOLD!!

    Selling full set of SITS pins for November, all six apples, one of each type *including 1 ultra rare and 1 rare* for 30K!
  13. lk on vmk

    Selling Heimlich Furni Item - 5K

    Cute Heimlich furni item - 5K
  14. lk on vmk

    Selling Candy Corn Heimlich Pin - 5K SOLD!!

    photo is attached :)
  15. lk on vmk

    Set of I'll be your Minnie/Mickey pins - 2K

    The set of two pins for 2K - photos attached!
  16. lk on vmk

    Set of Hero to Zero Quest Pins - 3K for both

    Set of 2 pins for 3K - photos attached!
  17. lk on vmk

    Twinkling Stars Animated Simba Pin - 8K

    See photo :)
  18. lk on vmk

    Selling *Ultra Rare* Sits Pin - "Apple, Ew" (with worms) - 15K

    Let me know :) JediCookie
  19. lk on vmk

    LF Shellie May Beanie

    Offering 250K :)
  20. lk on vmk

    LF It's a Small World China Girl - offering 25K FOUND!!!

    Hoping to complete my collection :) JediCookie FOUND!! Thank you sooooo much :)