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  1. PrincessAlex

    Selling Marvel Outfits

    I have: Thor Outfit (complete; chest plate, pants, boots, cape) Scarlet Witch (complete; corset, pants, boots, jacket) (it's her outfit from the Avengers films, not WandaVision) Spider-Gwen (complete; mask, top, pants) I also have the complete Spider-Man outfit as well although IDK if I'm up...
  2. PrincessAlex

    Error Message When Changing Clothes?

    Every time I've tried to change my clothes, when I click "apply", I get this error popup. Any idea how to fix it? It comes up no matter what items I try to put on.
  3. PrincessAlex

    Value Check Butterfly Net 3x use and OG Fireworks

    Was just curious about the value of these? I don't even know if the Butterfly Net is tradeable, but I was curious about value, and I haven't seen a value for OG Fireworks either. Thanks so much!
  4. PrincessAlex

    pls delete

  5. PrincessAlex

    Selling some pins and clothes!

    Pins (1k each, unless otherwise noted): Avenger Ladies - Gamora Disney Parks Animals - Henry - 750c Elements - Earth - 3k (quest prize) Elements - Water - 3k (quest prize) Epcot Flower Blue Epcot Flower Yellow Flower Portrait - Esmeralda x6 Flower Portrait - Jasmine x13 - 750c Flower Portrait...
  6. PrincessAlex

    Taking users to the parks Going to MK on 5/23!

    Taking a day trip to Magic Kingdom in a few weeks! If you're interested in tagging along, let me know! I have 13 of the 15 slots open! If I'm able to take you along, I'll give your post a like! I'll be accepting avatar pictures until the 21st, as that's the day before I leave for Orlando, so...
  7. PrincessAlex

    LF Pixie Dust Magic

    Any star # is fine for the magic! Mainly wanting to trade credits (30k per star; I'm flexible, though!), but if there's something else you might take instead, lmk!
  8. PrincessAlex

    Hi there!

    I'm not really new to MyVMK or original VMK, but I am new to these forums so I thought I'd introduce myself! I stumbled upon this reboot of the game a couple years back, while looking up the original one out of nostalgia, and while I haven't been on as often as I'd like...I do like the new game...