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  1. Impossible

    In the billiards room (rules)

    Welcome… Welcome… Step into the room. The Director chairs if you would. 4 at a time… Dress as the color in which your seat it. Disregard the color of the music note pad. The chair... Welcome You who are reading this must be the new guests mhm… If not please disregard this message. You never read...
  2. Impossible

    LF any flip hats! (Or rare clothes!)

    Okay, hi. I have 350k to burn n wanna be cool. I am LF any cool clothes under 350k so hit me up! <3
  3. Impossible

    Spoopy Stuff!

    Hey! Im looking for these items -Any ghosts -Trick or treat baskets - Doors - Any and all House walls (Brick) - Spooky Furni!
  4. Impossible

    Stan Lee Plush

    i know he is an ultra rare along with the flip hat, but I wanted to know what his value is?
  5. Impossible

    New Disney Princess Contest!

    Hey Guys! So this contest is super fun! It's super easy and all you have to do to enter is... 1. Dress your MyVMK Character as a princess you made up! 2. Name your Princess 3. Tell me a brief description and backstory of them! 4. Send a screenshot of your Princess, name, and backstory! The...
  6. Impossible

    Unopened Crates! (Any kind)

    Looking for the cheapest possible, but I have 60k to spend on these bad boys! Lemme know.
  7. Impossible

    Impossible's Shop Till' You Drop

    Selling everything in the pictures below! Please ignore some of the store available items. xD PM or drop an offer below! <3
  8. Impossible

    Penguin Hoodie!

    Please leave offers below! I'm so broke! I've seen it go for 30-100k! Please offer, you may get a great deal!
  9. Impossible

    Anything Cute!

    Hi! I'm new, and want cute clothes! Hook me up. :)
  10. Impossible

    Top Secret Marvel Crate Mission, Stop Thanos!

    Hello, it's Captain America, with an extremely classified mission for you. In the town of MyVmk, Thanos has been harassing you poor savilions day and night with crates. These crates are filled with Marvel themed goods, but the poor citizens of MyVmk must chase them around like puppets on a...
  11. Impossible

    Mystery Potato on the Newsletter?!

    Looking closely at the newsletter, I found a small grey potato... I think it might be a rock but why? Any guesses?