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  1. AristoKena

    Making my leave official

    So I haven't been on much, and sort of vanished. Really do doubt anyone cares but I've decided to step back from the game a little bit. Started a new job and brother had surgery so it's been keeping me pretty busy. See you all later, maybe next time around I'll try to be more social just kind of...
  2. AristoKena

    Events for this month

    Why is there no scheduled events/ so many last minute events? I'm not on twitter and I feel if I don't pay attention 24/7 to it, then I won't be able to attend any event. It's kind of getting annoying..
  3. AristoKena

    Meeting my online friends after ten years

    I've been having this on my mind since I booked the flight and wanted to share/ ask if anyone else would like to swap stories of meeting online friends :D As the title says, I've met my two best online friends ten years ago, when I was 11. Though real life has stopped us from contacting the...
  4. AristoKena

    What am I?

    I had a moment of clarity, and think this looks way better than my past two attempts. By looking at this, what do you think it is? :) (Also any advice on how to make it look better is always welcome!)
  5. AristoKena

    New releases ?

    I know Amy said they would be delayed, however. I'm on vacation and I keep checking the newsletter and it hasn't updated . Has the new items been released and if so , when will they expire ? Thanks. :)
  6. AristoKena

    A short hiatus

    I am leaving tomorrow night to be going on vacation until roughly August the 2nd. :) I was trying to get back into the game more and this was kind of a spur of the moment thing lol. :D Hope to see all of you soon :D (I'm quiet but I hang out in guest rooms a lot. lol) Which leads me to my next...
  7. AristoKena

    VC Pirate hat with parrot

  8. AristoKena

    Looking for fireworks magic

    not the 4th kind the other kind cause there is apparently two please help me lol
  9. AristoKena

    Looking for Tangaroa-Ru Tiki Idol

    I need 2 green and 2 pink. Let me know how much you want, thank you :D
  10. AristoKena

    5 star teleportation magic

    Currently taking offers, please offer below. :) I do not have an auto offer at this time and am only looking for credits. Thank you :D
  11. AristoKena

    One more game of guess who!

    So while I work out my issues with the Cars characters, I've decided to make one more which during the process of making this realize it'll probably be impossible for anyone to even make sense of this, the background images will not make sense whatsoever unless you've seen this disney character...
  12. AristoKena

    Another game of guess who.

    I get bummed out and make characters, I want to see if you all can guess who this is. (Tesla coils are there for a reason to help figure it out) I like to style these closely to minecraft skins, I was a little worried that this one would be a little tougher to let me know who you...
  13. AristoKena

    Teal berets 10k each

    I have three of these for sale :D Also have a Maroon and Purple beret.
  14. AristoKena

    Selling Host dark red beret

    Just saw a thread that it's been going for 50k, will take 45k OBO. Let me know :)
  15. AristoKena

    Thread can be closed

    Need about 10, let me know your price :) Thank you!!
  16. AristoKena

    Host USA Mickey ears

    Would like to get 30k for them, let me know if you're interested. :)
  17. AristoKena

    Being a designer for MyVmk questions

    I'm really hoping I don't get negative feedback for this, it's just something I've been genuinely interested in for awhile but never really understood how to get into it. Which leads me to my questions. I want to learn how to make furniture for MyVmk. I just have no idea where to start. I...
  18. AristoKena

    Junes theme

    Upon looking at the event calendar, I do believe we have either an Epcot Or World Showcase theme What do you all think? :D This also makes me super excited since June is my birthday month and Epcot is one of my favorite disney parks just due to the world showcase, i've been there so many...
  19. AristoKena

    Pin sale!!

    I have all these pins that I highly doubt anyone would want but if you happen to find interest in any, let me know. :D 500c pins- Cuties- Bambi, Daisy and Donald Dalmation rug- Boot/cute (Have 10 of each) Hero's quest medal- Bronze and Silver Incredibles cuties- Incrediboy and Syndrome Love...
  20. AristoKena

    New mickey items for this week

    It would be nice if double clicking the sink and bathtub could fill with water and if we could sit on the bed that would be really great too :D