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  1. Littlebelle

    Littlebelle needs to clean out her closet - take a look

    Trading the following. Please PM me or you can post an amount on the thread. Also will trade items on this thread for Pixar rare items Pixar crates Carl Pants Alebrije Dante Pin - ultra rare Shoulder Pets Elliot Shoulder Pet. Jiminy Cricket shoulder pet Floating Morph Buddy Winnie the pooh...
  2. Littlebelle

    Looking for falling stars fountain

    I would love to have one of these. Please let me know how much you would like for it and anything else you may want. Thanks
  3. Littlebelle

    Trading Skating Magic

    Trading skating magic for credits or rarer items.
  4. Littlebelle

    close trade completed Grand Prize Winter Fantasy Prize Hat

    Looking for Winter Fantasy items, credits and or rare items for building. It is the Snow Globe Hat. Please post or PM. Here is the pic.
  5. Littlebelle

    Wanting to Trade Castle suite for Dream Winter Suite

    Anyone interested in trading my castle suite and furniture for a Dreams Winter Suite and furniture?
  6. Littlebelle

    Missing Yeti teleporters

    I took Yeti teleporters out of a room. At 2 separate times. None are in my inventory. Anyone else have any issues. Where are they in cyberspace?
  7. Littlebelle

    Trading Pandora Banshee

    I am thinking of trading my Pandora banshee. What do you offer?
  8. Littlebelle

    I am invisible in the game can not play any games

    SOS I am invisible under littlebelle can not play any games. When I try to start a game it shows as unknown. @Amy What can I do. I cleared out my cookies.
  9. Littlebelle

    Mismatched Halloweentown Portals trying to find the match

    I bought these Halloweentown Portals from a player. They do not work. I tried to find out if he bought them from another player So we could trade to get them matched. Sent messages and asked to trade so we could talk in private he ignored me. Then booted me from the room. Sad because I was...
  10. Littlebelle

    Trading Scream Shirt for Tower of Terror Room

    I really want this room. I will trade the screams Dream shirt for this room and can add credits if needed. ***************Trade made please close. *****************
  11. Littlebelle

    Looking for Zero's bones

    I would really like to have zero's bones. Please let me know what you would like for them. Thanks. These will go on great on my ride and will not be for re-sale later. Thanks
  12. Littlebelle

    Looking for Dr. Strange Bookshelf

    If you have any Dr. Strange Bookshelves to trade please let me know.
  13. Littlebelle

    The haunted mansion railing corners do not rotate

    Could you please fix this. I need then them to rotate they only go in one corner. Thank you
  14. Littlebelle

    The enchanted fountain furniture is still a pin

    Hi Amy I put in a cfh last week. I traded 100K for an enchanted fountain. Unfortunately it is stuck in my pins. I can not place it as furniture. Now that is one expensive pin. lol. I would really like to have it as furniture so I can use it for what I am building. If not, maybe I can trade it...
  15. Littlebelle

    Two items not working

    The corner wall under Pan rides is not working. When I go to turn it it disappears. Also Halloween is coming. If you have time could you please fix the buggy teleporters and start pieces. I have a long ride and I fell I need to build a tailor and first aid room :) After riding so long the...
  16. Littlebelle

    Game crashing in chrome

    I have noticed since Amy did a new update. The one where you can view items in your room or or view who is there. My game has gotten very lagging. A few times the whole game has crashed. Any idea why this it happening. It tends to happen when I am working on my rooms that have a lot of items in...
  17. Littlebelle

    Thinking of Selling my Fishbowl Hat only 8 in the game

    I am seeing how much this will go for. There are only 8 in the game since only first place teams won it in the ride competition. I think starting a 3 million is a good start . Now that can include credits and rare items to make up that total. If the offer is good I will sell it. The fish...
  18. Littlebelle

    I am trading my jellyfish magic

    I will take credits but also looking for items Host fountain from this month Snow white carts Gems from Snow white Haunted Mansion gate Star walls panel Basically any stuff from June 2018 back a year. Also push magic or any magic Value for this pin top offer was 2 push force pins. Or 750,000 K...
  19. Littlebelle

    Looking for the fountain from host event this month

    I am looking for the fountains from the host event this month. Wondering if anyone would sell one or 2 to me. Would like it for my haunted mansion ride. Thanks
  20. Littlebelle

    What happened to the Host event this morning?

    I logged on at 10:10 and there was no host room open. Then I checked the calendar again and it said 10:00am -10:30. I checked the tweets nothing posted. I got up early to play this game. Life happens I get it. Was there an in game message I missed? I was waiting for someone else to post, another...