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  1. Laguna

    Not yet fixed Elsa Van Helsing Hair

    pretty please i want to wear it, preferably on my scalp and not in mid-air Thank you........ . . . . . . . . . . .
  2. Laguna

    Me and my Friend Hiking in a Beautiful Rainforest

    Me and eurochic took a trip to the humid Elephant Bathing Pool. This room has a lot of history to me, I'll tell you why! Sometimes you'll encounter other beings in this forest. They think they own nature and tell us to go away. "This is public property," said eurochic. She is very right. Nature...
  3. Laguna

    Fixed not really a bug but PUT EXISTING GLASSES, SCARVES, ETC IN MISC!!!

    I would Like to wear my Homecoming Glasses and my Beret at the same time Please please please
  4. Laguna

    Fixed Photos dont work

    i can take photos and they will save but when i try to click them nothing happens . 1! ! ! i can view the ones i already have on my wall but i cant move them or hang up new ones
  5. Laguna

    A Poem for My Nunu

    Nunu, oh sweet Nunu, Your bright pink freckled nose warns me of your allergies I could only wish they were fallacies I wouldn't know how you would normally manage these, I cure you with Children's Benadryl But not as much as heaven will. :halcyon: Nunu, my sweet Banunu, You're orange like a...
  6. Laguna

    looking For DARK red BerEt

    not theblack one , no, not the pink one, No, not the purple one, no. Not the france one, no. You know what I want. youve seen it on @Ringo ’s Sweet little head so What now?? Please Someone
  7. Laguna


    I am Looking for decent person (or several If That rarity occurs). For reasons None ur business but the picture above has inspired me. I like how they have more than 2 friends and they sem to trust each other. I cant relate to that at th moment. They r partying up in Upper East Side RooftopClub...
  8. Laguna

    lookin for s k e l l i n g t o n p a n t s

    i dont know the worth but i have credits just say hm also looking for goofy shirt (the orange w vest) and red bellhop pants
  9. Laguna

    WHO DID THIS!!!!!!!!!

    I have no words I just want to know who Did this yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!:sneaky:
  10. Laguna

    Me in "Matterhorn" room ☃︎ please read

    I decided to take a trip to the Matterhorn room located in "FANTASYLAND®". For reference and general knowledge, the Matterhorn (derived from German) is a mountain of the Alps somewhere between Switzerland and Italy. Now I doubt that this room is a real depiction of the mountain. It is highly...
  11. Laguna

    game disconnects every time I try to enter a room

    Ive cleared my cache and everything but I am stuck in the map screen because it will disconnect if i try to enter any room
  12. Laguna

    Don’t Log on MyVMK in the Early Mornings..

    Hi VMK’ers. I am making this post because I am in a big predicament and feel like I am in great danger, and if I don’t write this and warn everyone now, someone could get hurt next. Let me start off by saying this is no joke, what I saw was real and I will include pictures. I am afraid...
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  14. Laguna

    Me and My Best Friends At Pool Waterpark!

    @iMystery @Filter @Peak @Question @Laguna
  15. Laguna

    Club Penguin Month

    As someone who loves The Club Of The Penguin, I think it would be really life-changing to see my two favourite children's Shockwave games do a collaboration. PLUS they are both Disney! Can it get any better than that?! I live, breathe, eat Disney. I literally can't live without Disney. Like if...
  16. Laguna

    New on MyVMK dot com!

    O.M.B. (Oh My Bieber) this game is back?! I can't believe it after all these years my life finally has some meaning. Please say hi if you see me in game. I am Laguna in game. It means Lagoon in english. That means a shallow body of water separated from a larger body of water by barrier islands...
  17. Laguna

    jasmine hair

    after making my jasmine egg i thought id try making the jasmine hair for fun, and for it being my first time i think it turned out pretty well!! :Dance:
  18. Laguna

    Jasmine Egg

    inspired by the tsum tsum :-) painted it with mouse with 1px brush bc idk how else you do these things
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  20. Laguna

    1* push magic for 15k