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  1. TrinaBoBina

    LF Emblem - Heart & KH Pins

    DM if you have any of these! :D
  2. TrinaBoBina


    **OFFERING** 250k PLSSS
  3. TrinaBoBina

    Sammy Raccoon Tophat (Gold Chest Ultra) FS

    80k! :D
  4. TrinaBoBina

    SELLING FURN (photos) (pm for prices, faster responses on Discord: trinayabish#7989)
  5. TrinaBoBina

    Trading Peg Mount & Cupid's Arrow

    TRADING Pegasus Mount for Centaur Pin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TRADING Fabled Tales - Cupid's Arrow for Unconditional Love Pin or One Man’s Dream Pin
  6. TrinaBoBina

    Selling Rare Shoulder Pet - Jack (SOLD) PLS CLOSE

    LF: 80k!
  7. TrinaBoBina

    SOLD ty

    ~asking for 300k~ ty cuties <3
  8. TrinaBoBina

    LF WDW Holiday Spirit Shirt

    it's chrithmas pls
  9. TrinaBoBina

    HnS Beanie FS

    USA Beanie 120k
  10. TrinaBoBina

    LF Easy Quest Items

    wanting the hoodie and the bird hat! LMK ur price :)
  11. TrinaBoBina


    LF 250k thx
  12. TrinaBoBina

    Bucket Hat (ultra) - GOLD CHEST FS

    CB: 230k 240k 250k AUTO: 275k
  13. TrinaBoBina

    (SOLD)Summer Stitch Pin

    35k :D
  14. TrinaBoBina

    Kiddie Pool - Gold Chest FS

    100k pls :D
  15. TrinaBoBina

    Selling Clothes/Hats 7/7 WITH PRICES

    *pls PM or DISCORD me trinayagirl#7989 for photos or prices, I respond faster w/ discord!:D Sets: -60th Celebration Minnie Dress (15k) -Belle Winter Dress (5k) -Purple Cheerleader Dress(8k) -Eilonwy Dress -Emma Swan's Sheriff Outfit+Shoes -Maleficent Purple Outfit w/ Hat (on hold) -Merida...
  16. TrinaBoBina

    Hard Quest Animated Pin Tree of Life

    Selling This Tree of Life Pin for 275k!
  17. TrinaBoBina


    Selling Fish Tank from gold chest - 100k
  18. TrinaBoBina

    TrinaBoBina's Ultimate LF List 10/22

    STILL LF: -Light Up Christmas Sweater (400k OFFER) -Snowflake Leggings -Captain American Beanie -Rapunzel's Crown -White Duffy Beanie -Pua Beanie -Snowman Cap -Dancing Skeleton Shirt
  19. TrinaBoBina

    SELLING - Hades Quest Prize + Pin

    you can PM offers, or discord me @trinayagirl#7989 :D