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  1. AristoKena

    Looking For Frightful Fountains - 6k ea

    I might have a few, Let me know when you're usually on and i'll search my rooms :)
  2. AristoKena

    Anniversary Raffle Feedback

    I loved being online for raffle, I do think the tickets were hard to get. I missed a few events and was only able to obtain two tickets. I feel that going forward with this, there should be more events that give out tickets and I agree with the untradeable rule. I wanted to buy some, but backed...
  3. AristoKena

    Trading Away All my rares

    Do you have an Angel hat?
  4. AristoKena

    Things do need to change. Guess I'll break the silence.

    You've summed up in a single post why I decided to take a step back. It really does need to change and I'm hoping when I get back to regularly playing again it won't be as bad.
  5. AristoKena

    Making my leave official

    All the comments :o Thanks everyone :D
  6. AristoKena

    Making my leave official

    So I haven't been on much, and sort of vanished. Really do doubt anyone cares but I've decided to step back from the game a little bit. Started a new job and brother had surgery so it's been keeping me pretty busy. See you all later, maybe next time around I'll try to be more social just kind of...
  7. AristoKena

    Mystic Manor Maze

    Congrats again, I spaced out on days and missed the party.
  8. AristoKena

    LF Microphone

    Ok, I lost track of time and forgot about meeting you, sorry. I'll be on until the end of host event so just let me know where you're at :)
  9. AristoKena

    LF Microphone

    lol alright, sounds good. I'll post on here when I can get on, it might be a little later since I've been keeping my brother company. :)
  10. AristoKena

    LF Microphone

    I will be after around 9pm eastern.
  11. AristoKena

    Favourite characters? I need inspiration!

    Would you draw Marie for me? :D You're amazing at drawing. Also three more ideas: Duffy, Gelatoni and Shellymae
  12. AristoKena

    LF Microphone

    Sounds good to me, let me know when you're available to meet up. Also for my notes since I had a hard time finding it.. High school microphone is the full name
  13. AristoKena

    What do YOU want to happen with the game?

    I am planning on sitting down and reading majority of this thread tonight when I have time, but I would really like to see more scheduled events, more in game quests, I would really love to see a different client role out for MyVMK where it's not just solely firefox (I have a lot of tech...
  14. AristoKena

    LF Microphone

    I'm pretty sure I have one, I have no idea what it's worth. Shoot me a price?
  15. AristoKena

    Seven Dawfs Mine Game - Loved it

    Bummed out I missed out on the event, new job doesn't let me do morning events at all :/
  16. AristoKena

    Events for this month

    Yeah, like I'm trying my best to be understanding but these events really get on my nerves due to my moderation of a previous game for three years.. I'm about ready to give up honestly.
  17. AristoKena

    Trading Black Flip Hat !

    Where do I sign my soul to?
  18. AristoKena

    Everything.. (update 9/25)

    How much credits do you want for an aurora flat set? I have an alice outfit and credits.
  19. AristoKena

    Events for this month

    Why is there no scheduled events/ so many last minute events? I'm not on twitter and I feel if I don't pay attention 24/7 to it, then I won't be able to attend any event. It's kind of getting annoying..
  20. AristoKena

    clean out

    Just two luggages, pm me when you're on