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  1. Midien

    MyVMK Digital Arts Festival Part 2: Results & Prizes!

    Can you tell us how many people participated?
  2. Midien

    MyVMK Digital Art Festival Part 1: Design-a-Logo

    I am not quite understanding this. So we are making a logo that includes the myvmk logo, can we alter the myvmk logo at all? Or just like color it but not change the design of it. Then we add some other logo with it?
  3. Midien

    Genie's Holiday Wishes 2021 is the staff voting going ? Can't wait for player voting so I can see the entries :)
  4. Midien

    HOST_Absolem's Monthly Event Guide : 2021 Edition

    Love Sept!!
  5. Midien

    Big Furniture Sale!!!

    How much for the 4 bookcases?
  6. Midien

    Captain America’s Shield ?!

    Should be easy enough to find one here, they sell for around 15k normally, post in the looking for area of trades, or use the search function to see if anyone is currently selling one
  7. Midien

    Trading: A lot of things! - UPDATED 3.30.31

    I'd offer 1k each for both items
  8. Midien

    Trading: A lot of things! - UPDATED 3.30.31

    I'm interested in the empty pink crates and the alr bushes
  9. Midien

    Event Clock?

    I believe they are aware of this, seen a few post on discord of staff correcting the times for events when it updates on there
  10. Midien

    HOST_Absolem's Monthly Event Guide : 2021 Edition

    March is very complicated and I can't wait to try it!!
  11. Midien

    Looking for low ponytail

    @Lisee97 do you mean this one? darker low ponytail
  12. Midien

    LF New Years Day Pins

    idk if this is the hair your sister is looking for but if it is I believe it's a free hair and should be found on last page of hair
  13. Midien


    Congrats to winner!!
  14. Midien


    IGN: Midien thanks so much for the chance!
  15. Midien

    Random Acts of Kindness!

    Awww that is just so awesome!! Love this!
  16. Midien

    Looking for some pins

    Candy - Apple Marlin and Dory Escape Epcot Opening Day Have one of each, 500cc each
  17. Midien


    Been going for 60k
  18. Midien

    Value Check Larxene Wig

    last coupls of posts on discord I see are for 3k
  19. Midien

    Spooky Room Building Results

  20. Midien

    "Happy Haunts Hunt" Competition Winners!

    Congrats to all the successful hunters!!