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  1. Stephherrs

    Possibly Selling OG Sparrow FULL

    Drop offers below!
  2. Stephherrs

    Penguin Beanie

    Drop me your offers AUTO: 8 mill Will possibly take items and creds as a mix
  3. Stephherrs

    LF Stuff- name your price

    Broomstick magic Punz Crown Snow White Stained Glass Pin Infernos- red Pumpkin Head Hat Binx pet base R2D2 pet base Hmu-
  4. Stephherrs

    Stephherrs Pins Please Buy TY

    Click link for all the pins you desire!
  5. Stephherrs

    Penguin Beanie

    I only want creds- seriously offers only AUTO: 8 MILLION CREDITS
  6. Stephherrs


    ALL OUTFITS MUST BE SOLD TOGETHER Tops Album Link: (Blank is Teal Superhero Top) Bottoms Album Link: (Blanks are Pink Baggys and Real Black Baggys) Hats Album Link: Shoes Album Link:
  7. Stephherrs


    Guys come on, This is my homegirl. Buying extra chairs and pins and tbh probably a few outfits (I can only wear one but idc I want them all) Feed my Mulan addiction. Thank you
  8. Stephherrs

    Pin Stuffers By Stephherrs Part 2 5/16/18

    Main Shop: Part 1: Pins O-Z One Million Dreams: Ariel’s Part of Your World x1 Belle’s Endless Tales x1...
  9. Stephherrs

    Pin Stuffers By Stephherrs Part 1 5/5/18

    Main Shop Post: Part 2: Pins A-N Advent 2015- Enchanted Christmas x1 Advent 2015- Jungle Cruise x1...
  10. Stephherrs

    Looking for Some Stuffers 4/24/18

    Tsum tsum Zeus pin (from Underrated month) White Shorts Black Everest JACKET Hail Hades Pin Sketch Dot SITS Pin Snow White Stained glass pin Polar Bear Beanie
  11. Stephherrs

    Selling Aloha Flip and Winter Dreams T-Shirt

    Aloha Flip AUTO: 550k Winter Dreams T-Shirt AUTO: 450k Drop bids below :) leaving this open for about a week!
  12. Stephherrs

    Looking for Princess Aurora Dress FURNI and Rapunzel Crown

    Last week host prize and gold chest prize ! LMK how much you want
  13. Stephherrs

    Selling Thumper Ears

    Offer away
  14. Stephherrs

    Please Close

    Offer away
  15. Stephherrs

    Looking for Mint Green Hoodie

    Can offer: Blue hoodie, Tefiti egg, pet base, or creds THANKS FAM
  16. Stephherrs


    Looking for Orange and Green Hoodie (auto) Offers below ty
  17. Stephherrs

    Male Clothing Ideas

    So there's been a lot of talk about how there aren't enough male clothing items. I just wanted to formulate a list to give some ideas :shrug: Prince Charming Outfit Prince Eric Wedding Outfit Jafar Outfit (since hat is already released) Prince Naveen Li Shang Gaston Phoebus (Hunchback of Notre...
  18. Stephherrs

    Easter Egg Hunt 2018 Prizes/Rarity List/Values Updated

    Hoppy Easter! Disclaimer: The Pink versions of the hoodie and leggings are from Valentine's day. I do have extras that I'm selling! I'm hoping ya'll can help me with finishing the list and we can come up with the rarities together :) FEEL FREE TO COMMENT WITH PICS AS WELL! RARITIES ARE AT THE...
  19. Stephherrs

    Selling Purple Lightsaber Magic

    Auto: 150k Bids down below
  20. Stephherrs

    March Host Event Feedback

    I just wanted to share my appreciation for the hosts this month! I know the month isn't over but the events I have participated in (so far) are amazing! Disclaimer: I haven't participated in all the events yet (I went to Orlando) so I'll update this as I go! I'd love to see what everyone else...