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  1. Whispered

    Racial Profiling

    It's not racist to profile based on race as long as it's done with viable statistics or other events backing it. We profile based on gender and age, we profile based on time of day and the type of car being driven, we profile based on if there's children or if there's not. Why can't we profile...
  2. Whispered

    Nightshade (Andrea Cremer)

    Anyone else read this series and absolutely love it? I'm on the third book (long story, I'm lazy and forget to finish series' sometimes) and I'm mad at myself for not finishing it sooner. Btw, I had the opportunity to meet Andrea Cremer and talk with her for a while - she's super nice. If you...
  3. Whispered

    5* push magic

    Looking for credits mainly, will also accept offers with any number of 4th of july fireworks magics, or new releases :)
  4. Whispered

    4* Pirate magic CHEAP

    Yes, it's combined. Willing to trade for anything starting at 20k credits.
  5. Whispered

    Question(s) about Born In Park Badge Question about the badge

    ok but why didn't you find my face on the Leave a Legacy things to take a picture of that as proof of me visiting a park -.- @Absolem Good question btw, if I were able to get my Leave a Legacy location and send it to you, would that count, since you kinda had to visit EPCOT while they were...
  6. Whispered

    Leave A Legacy @ EPCOT

    Anyone else have their faces on these large monstrous rocks? Anyone else make a point of finding it when you go back?
  7. Whispered

    Quick Trade - CTS room + 2k for your Pirate Cannon

    Carrib Town Square room pin + 2k for your Pirate Cannon room.
  8. Whispered

    Trans.. racial?

    Can someone be transracial? As in, can someone decide that they identify more with black people, and even though they're born in a (as close as possible) white family, to white parents, with white ancestry, start claiming they're black? I'd say no, just because one, race is genetic. Secondly...
  9. Whispered

    Relogging while in quest

    Should not kick you out of quest. Needs to work like queue lines - if you're in a quest and you relog, it should keep you where you left off. Especially since it's likely with the number of people doing quests you'll get stuck entering a room and have to relog. Or at the very least, you...
  10. Whispered

    CTF acronyms

    Correctly Translated Finnish.
  11. Whispered

    Some ideas for teleporters

    Yeah, teleporters are a bit finicky. What if there was a "blink" mode that a room owner could turn on that would, instead of using the standard animation and sound, just blink them to the other teleporter and immediately push them down the ride? That'd solve lots of the issues of broken...
  12. Whispered

    HOST Sparrow Compass pin

    Make offers. Start as low as you want.
  13. Whispered

    People who don't understand logical fallacies

    Should they be allowed to participate in the debates section if they attack people who point out the fallacies they use?
  14. Whispered

    Quick trade - My sparrow Hat

    My sparrow hat, your 38k. PM me.
  15. Whispered


    People make assumptions a lot, and they tend to "make an ### out of you and me". A good example is the recent drama involving Skye - when people found that there was a real girl named Skye, they didn't do anything more but to assume that it was her who pulled the wool over VMK's face. Those...
  16. Whispered

    Main Street Magic Shop Stage Blocks (and more)

    pls i need tel wat u want i sell soul for these. there's A and B if i remember right idk which/both were released. also the curtains, both kinds.
  17. Whispered

    Cords and Antennas

    This is super off topic, but I need a bit of help. I have a small handheld radio that gets broadcasts in a non AM or FM range. It works great when it's operating on battery power with it's internal antenna. However, when I plug it power cord, and plug that into the wall, it starts getting FM...
  18. Whispered

    1* magics :D

    Looking for all 1* magics ever (except inferno bc i wont be able to afford that for my life) I've been gone a while so I'm not real sure on values so you tell me what you're looking for. If there's one missing from the list, please tell me - I'm still probably looking for it. The ones in red...
  19. Whispered

    VC for some rooms

    Value Check for some rooms please, preferably in credits and/or firewalls (really prefer credits): Animal Kingdom Safari Lodge Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor Epcot Tron Football Thanks in advance <3
  20. Whispered

    I'm kinda back

    So, long story short, I left a long time ago to focus on school. In the meantime, apparently my account got hacked or something (i can't even remember, tbh I probably just gave it to someone). So my new name is Charmorg (just going in line with what I have on other games). Nice to (re)meet you!