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    This is why I'm happy

    Your online presence makes me happy.:sorry:
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    Something I made this morning

    I feel like I just read a tiktok
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    A hag is back!

    welcome back, most of the action happens on the discord. the forums are kinda dead.
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    no, MY fave ♡ ♡ miss you

    no, MY fave ♡ ♡ miss you
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    Pixar Crates '21

  7. Flurp

    Violet's Trades

    I will buy the Route 66 pins!
  8. Flurp

    rooms please close!!!!

    If you go into any room in game and type ::discordtrade then search "room pin" you'll find every room pin available.
  9. Flurp

    Selling EVERYTHING on my account!

    1- grey disney sweater 3- blue/white flip flops, pink/white, red/white 4- short round shoes 6- spotted bathing suit shorts Also- Dino onesie top/pants/shoes and Twitches sun amulet pin. :) @Lisee97
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    Pins for sale!

    HM for the latte pins? :)
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    VMK Love

    OHMYGOD congrats :cry:
  12. Flurp

    1k & Below

    I’ll take them! Where can I meet you?
  13. Flurp

    1k & Below

    I'll take these please!
  14. Flurp

    Easter Crate Items '21

    I am in the midst of compiling a list of all the crate items. If you are not familiar with how google docs works- the sheet updates in real time. Feel free to bookmark. GLHF
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    Clothes (w/ PICS & PRICES) for sale!

    I’ll buy the sequin dress Tiana bathing suit Valentines jacket Elsa cape Dis de los mirrors leggings
  16. Flurp

    Clothing Sale

    I will buy this please!
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    6 Anna- 2 Belle- 2 10 10 Hi! I would like these please! I have included how many I will take- if you don't have that much, I'll take as many as I can get! thanks