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    Want to Join/Be Featured on #myvmkadventures Tiktok?

    ^^^ LINK TO MY VIDEO INTRO ^^^ Introducing #myvmkadventures group founder @thegryphonwing wanna be part of the community & featured here? Hit me up on discord or #myvmk with this form: Favourite Disney Characters/Characters You Relate To Most: Favourite Song Sung By Said Character: Your Most...
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    OG VMK Anniversary - May 23, 2005

    Bumping with ta third opton on polls that i forgot to add! :D
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    OG VMK Anniversary - May 23, 2005

    So I was thinking that in May of 2025 I ought to unveil a compilation room for the og VMK's 20th anniversary! But I was torn between it being a set of ride rooms or quest rooms or perhaps both? What do y'all think? :nyan:
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    A Bookdragon's Lovesong

    Title: A Bookdragon's Lovesong Written: 02/13/2021 By: Mari Fahel McKimzey Copyright (c) 2021 MJFM When they see us together they shaken I suppose we look rather odd indeed A book dragon and a medieval gryphon Though, like a well-oiled apparatus, work we We met on a chilly day in a library...
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    MyVMK Tiktokers

    MyVMK Adventurers Gallery You a tiktoker or instagrammer? Well we have a hashtag and gallery for y'all! We also have a secret room hidden within one of my rooms! I'm planning one day on making it so that Every week the room will be moved and a clue in tiktok films will be given to y'all to find...
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    MyVMK Tiktokers

    Our instagram gallery for tiktok videos and instagrm photos of our MyVMK fun! :D
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    MyVMK Tiktokers

    Introducing a tiktok hashtag for our community: #myvmktiktokers ! This is in no way related with the MyVMK Team but I thought it would a be a fun way to rep our love and nostalgia for VMK and so we can all find each other easier!
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    It's football not soccer

    it's...... both?
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    Ye R&W Tavern

    To visit our community on here, then search “thegryphonwing” in the guest room search box! In order to enter you must be my friend, so instructions on how to find me are below: In order to friend me, comment below and schedule a time and date to meet me in the Esplande on Main Street! We will...