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  1. gravebound

    Game Over for GB...

    i have no idea what happened because i couldn't care any less about the raffle, but i am so sorry for whatever happened. i love you, man. i don't want you to go but you need to do what's best for you. don't ever get out of touch dude
  2. gravebound

    My Chemical Romance?

    i hope so. i miss 'em
  3. gravebound

    it's been 11 years

    there isn't. that why we need one
  4. gravebound

    it's been 11 years

    weird. they're fixed now
  5. gravebound

    it's been 11 years

    and i still don't have my green jolly shirt please make it happen btw: sorry it's pretty bad. didnt have much time to work on it. just please give it to me.
  6. gravebound

    Over the Hedge

    dude i played this and i loved ur game hun. gave me a heartattack 11/10
  7. gravebound

    lf nautilus room

    be right there!
  8. gravebound

    lf nautilus room

    sweet. where do you wanna meet up?
  9. gravebound

    lf nautilus room

    aka submarine/20000 leagues offer is 12k
  10. gravebound

    New Character Interface

    i wanted this back in old vmk and now its even more important with the 80+ recolors(dont get me wrong, i LOVE multiple recolors; still waiting on that green jolly shirt). maybe this would be too much to implement but there has to be a better solution
  11. gravebound

    That Song You Have on Repeat

  12. gravebound


    so, i know im not the only transgender person on the forums, so id like to meet the rest of yall also some advice with changing papers/legal documents would be appreciated if u have em
  13. gravebound


    it may have more stuff to do but it honestly never appealed to me at all. i was very bored playing it. all the people i ran into were silent or jerks. which is sad because i did like the fairy magic, but oh well. also i think i got banned. one of the non-vmk mods(can't remember who) started...
  14. gravebound


    i jumped ship after they first introduced fairies. recently checked it back out and not only was my account gone but saw they never changed the faces like they said they would. those faces make me want to puke.
  15. gravebound

    My "Getting to Know Everyone Better" Survey

    Favorite Disney movies: treasure planet, atlantis, beauty and the beast, lilo and stitch Favorite Disney characters: john silver, beast, milo, kida, jim, stitch Favorite Disney attractions: haunted mansion, potc, rock n roller coaster, tower of terror, space mountain Favorite Disney parks lands...
  16. gravebound

    guess whos back(back again)

    ah alright. well nice to see you again!
  17. gravebound

    guess whos back(back again)

    well, i'm a trans guy so he/him i've got a scan of my birth certificate too. yall need a credit card number? you only, lol. i dont even remember being on the beginning of this month. u mean in game?
  18. gravebound

    Should hate speech be banned?

    there are limits. your rights end when it prevents another person's rights. also, freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequences. having consequences for your speech does not mean that freedom has been taken away. it means you need to act like a grown adult and think about more than...
  19. gravebound

    Work Horror Stories

    im just about to start working at cvs as a cashier, i'm both scared and excited to add to this thread