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    Announcement Archive?

    I used to use to see the old announcements, but that’s not kept updated anymore. Where can I see the old archived site announcements?
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    VMK Anniversary Room?

    The table was in the original game. It was sold in the shops. It also was a granted item when you used the code for Madame Leotas Crystal Ball set card from the parks. Here is a forum post that lists all of the original VMK items...
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    VMK Anniversary Room?

    The room is lacking the red HM table. There is the red chair but not the table
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    Taking users to the parks Going to Disney..... come with me

    hello! I’m at Disney right now. I can take 2 users with me. Please include a photo with your username that I can download and print out. I am too lazy to do any other work myself. I’m not searching for your username. Attach that photo lol Hope you’ll come with me!
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    Hard Mode Jungle Cruise

    Right now, the mini games are incredibly easy. Jungle cruise is not even remotely a challenge. I don't always want to go forever, sometimes I want to just play a quick game. I wish there were a hard mode that had more points but also more obstacles, less gas and photo pickups.
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    Q&A: Got something to ask about the new client? Come on in!

    Will the UI be the same? There are definitely some quality of life updates that could be made in the user experience
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    I'll take it! When will you be online?
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    How much are you asking for it?
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    Is the pirate room + Mikes laugh floor room pins still available?
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    LF Monsters Opening Pins

    3k each !!
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    Halloween Items

    I'll buy both of the Master Gracey pins
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    Halloween Items

    How much for 1x Zombie Stitch 2x Haunted Mansion - Master Gracey
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    What does the infamous firewall go for these days?
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    June 2017 New Releases
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    MyVMK Forums Newsletter 6/18/17

    I can't wait to play this game again when you make it available for Mac IGN: John
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    VC Monster's Opening Pins

    Thanks @Guitar !
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    VC Monster's Opening Pins

    How much are Monster's Opening Pins going for these days?
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    List of all released rooms

    Is there a list of all the rooms released, and currently unreleased, like the JC tent room? If anyone has this information, or can direct me to a guide I have overlooked I would appreciate it!!
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    Red Crates, Cyan Ariel Chests, Rocket Couch Black, Green Candlesticks, Blue Carpet Chairs, etc. BETA

    @Ultrapirateboy I have: Red Crates x 100 Bamboo Rugs Green/Blue x20 of each Glass Slipper Pink x3 Tea Cup Seat Green x1+ Cyan Ariel Treasure Chests x20 Rocketship Couch Black x10 Red Teepee's x1 Ghostly Organ Orange x1 It would probably be better to contact me over a PM
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    I only love myself

    I have no idea what you're interested in It's difficult to make a compelling offer without wants