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    Selling EVERYTHING on my account!

    Hi! How much for the eeyore plushie, heffalump hat (i think that's what it is), and what looks like the 2015 cinderella outfit?
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    oh that stinks. i should be on and off today as well. if not, monday might be an option
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    I'm on right now
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    I can meet this afternoon sometime? Sorry I missed your post last night
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    Hi! Can I do the three pixar sketch pins and the national popcorn day pin?
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    Event Clock?

    Idk if this is where I should post this or if it's even a big deal, but the clock on the calendar/event page wasn't updated for daylight savings. I've gotten confused several times by it, since it's supposed to be EST but right now is the same as CST.
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    activia's trading post

    hi! i couldn't quite tell, but do you have ariel's pink dress in the tops and bottoms?
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    Selling Clothes for Credits

    How much are you looking for on the Finn pants/shirt/shoes?
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    ~*Bay's Stop n' Shop!*~

    Do you still have the vanessa outfit? I'd be interested in what it looks like and how much you're asking. Thanks!
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    That's ok! Thank you so much for letting me know!
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    hey do you still have ariel's pink dress?? thanks so much
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    Clothing inventory sale

    That's fine! Just let me know!
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    Halloween Crates

    Can I ask what may be a stupid question? How do you open crates? I haven't done one yet
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    Clothing inventory sale

    Also how much would the rose crown be?
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    Clothing inventory sale

    How much would the peggy carter outfit be???