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    Have unboxed 40+ crates (please tell your ultra-rare finding stories here as well)

    I have opened pink flips, green flips and a Leroy. My daughter got Stitch on her 7th crate or so.
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    That ONE Item :)

    Which magic would you choose? Inferno Which pin would you choose? Another Magic Pin, Stitch Space Ship Magic What clothing item would you choose? Since I already have my Minnie hat, I would choose the Sparrow Hat What room would you choose? Dream Castle Suite What furniture item would you...
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    HSM Gym & Kali River Rapids Couch

    The Kali Couch Raft has been released. ;)
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    Pirate Treasure Rugs Needed

    Are you able to get in tomorrow and Sunday? The prize will most likely be the same and you can get them without trading your stuff. ;)
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    Trading Gold/magic/keys for treasure rugs

    I would wait to trade if you can make the ride-a-thon tomorrow or Sunday. I would expect the prize would be the same as it was in previous weekends.
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    why can't we say injun

    There are offensive words (especially when kids are around) that should be blocked. Some are even made up words.
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    Ability to Change Thread Titles

    I would like to see this option as well. On the Disboards, we would do this when a trade was complete or no longer being offered.
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    Keys and Crates!

    Amy/Grizzly - Thank you for the FREE furniture! :)
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    Roll Up, Roll Up! The World Famous Jungle Cruise is here!

    Amy, thank you for giving us GOOD credits on this game! :)
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    Jungle Cruise game arrow key suggestion

    Yes, please Amy! :)
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    Banned Words for the Game

    Yes, yes, 1000x yes!! ;)
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    VMK User Profile With Avatar

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    Looking for Minnie - Trading Rare Flip-Flops and More

    Yes. If you are serious about the trade, let me know.
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    Trading Green Flips

    It's a way to move your post up to the top again.
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    Looking for Minnie - Trading Rare Flip-Flops and More

    Closed!! CLOSED. Thank you!!!! What I have for trade: Carpet Magic Black Mickey Ears And the items pictured below.
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    Roll Up, Roll Up! The World Famous Jungle Cruise is here!

    Thank you Amy & Grizzly.
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    What's The Trick

    That's how I choose to look at it as well. And to be quite honest, I think Amy is too busy to consider favoritism....I would same the same for Grizzly, too.
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    What's The Trick

    I don't know....maybe this is why people seem to feel there is favoritism in the game. :( I prefer to be naive and think that isn't the case....ever. I know some who do much worse than me in Fireworks and they get a key almost every time where some of us struggle to get even 1 day. There...
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    Jungle Cruise tips

    The number of animals isn't as great as it was in VMK. In VMK, I would go back a bit when i reached the end of the river because animals were still popping up. They end way too fast now.