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    Forgot user log in

    Hello! Send an email to with the original email you used to create the account and they should be able to help you.
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    Dis Lots of Pins!

    Hello! I'm trading the following pins! If you are interested please post here or DM me on Discord RTGeary#4626
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    LF Pins, Rooms, Furniture!

    Hello I'm looking for the following items and am offering the following: LF The Following Offering: -Collector's Cabinets: 30k each -Destiny Islands Room: 750k -Frontierland - Splash Mountain: 5k Each -Frontierland II - Splash Mountain: 5k Each -Harvested Infinity Stones (Space & Time): 30k...
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    LF Some Items

    LF The Following Offering: Bat Net Magic: 20k Each Bat Pets: 5k each -Collector's Cabinets: 30k each Dr. Strange Bookshelves: 5k each Frontierland - Splash Mountain: 5k Each Frontierland II - Splash Mountain: 5k Each Goofy with Bat: 5k Each Harvested Infinity Stones (Mind, Space, Time)...
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    Not yet fixed Dis Guest Room Bug List

    Updates 2/14/21 -NBC Holiday and Rise of Resistance Room are able to be claimed. -Destiny Islands Wave Glitch has been fixed -Syndrome's Lava Room Flickering has been fixed
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    Design A Pumpkin Contest 2020!

    oh boy mine is gonna look bad
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    Looking For Some Items (and trading a few things) :)

    Hello! See my prices in the quote above
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    Selling Purple Fur Robe!!

    3.5 mill
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    Selling Halloween Crate Commons/Rares/Supers

    250c for Commons
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    Trading Ghoulish Grey Skin

    LF: Sheet Ghost or 10 Million Credits
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    Random Acts of Kindness!

    You're most welcome <3 I hope your birthday was fantastic and thank you for the kind words
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    Dis Emporium! Pins, Magic, Clothes and More! - Updated 10/3

    Santa Stitch Hat 35k Star Tours - 60k Tatooine (Day) - 35k Tatooine (Night) 45k Unfortunately after checking my inventory these items are sold out :(
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    Not yet fixed Dis Guest Room Bug List

    Tomorrowland Outerspace Missing the Rocket left is original and right is live Tron Recognizers Clip over the back wall Typhoon Lagoon Bottom Frame of Screen is Bugged Missing wave and showing Sand VMK Baseball Diamond Gophers on right are out of holes and upsidedown Redeem Issues...
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    Not yet fixed Dis Guest Room Bug List

    Hello All! I'll keep this list up to date with any bugs I find in my guest rooms. Sound Bugs Rooms Missing Audio Whether Intentional or not: -Ariel's Grotto -Beauty and the Beast Ballroom -Bewitching Bayou -Cave of Wonders -Enchanted Tiki Room -Halloween Refreshment Corner -Hannah Montana -Mad...
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    Dis Emporium! Pins, Magic, Clothes and More! - Updated 10/3

    Hello! Father's Day 2014 is 2k and Mickey Ears Bat is 20k
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    LF Room Pin Skull Rock Holiday - FOUND

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    Stitch's Shop!

    Can I buy Powerline Pin? 5k?
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    Dis Emporium! Pins, Magic, Clothes and More! - Updated 10/3

    Yes! just let me know when you're on