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  1. OfficialCheesyfruitball

    Everest pins

    Hey did you ever find this out? Looking for values as well..
  2. OfficialCheesyfruitball

    ✨ SweetTea's Boutique ✨

    Hello! I will take a T-Shirt Expedition Everest and the Demitri Outfit if you still have them available. Can meet in game really any time today.
  3. OfficialCheesyfruitball

    LF a few clothing items

    Looking for the following items: - Sora Prince Coat - Expedition Everest T-Shirt - Astro Mechanic Goggles - Neon Windbreaker - R2D2 T-Shirt
  4. OfficialCheesyfruitball

    Stitch's Hoard Shop

    Do you still have an Expedition Everest T-shirt/ R2D2 T-shirt available?
  5. OfficialCheesyfruitball

    Lotso/ Sully Onesie Question

    Does anyone happen to know the value associated with the Lotso/ Sully Onesies? Looking for values on the pants/ tops, and is there a mask and shoes to it too? Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. OfficialCheesyfruitball

    MyVMK Forums Newsletter 09/02/18

    Iguana win those credits! IGN: Cheesyfruitball
  7. OfficialCheesyfruitball

    MyVMK Forums Newsletter 07/02/2018

    Totally wicked credits dude!
  8. OfficialCheesyfruitball

    Post a Picture of Yourself. Again

    Looks fun, Liv!
  9. OfficialCheesyfruitball

    Hi Liv :)

    Hi Liv :)
  10. OfficialCheesyfruitball

    LF Various Clothing Items

    I'm looking for those items not selling, sorry!
  11. OfficialCheesyfruitball

    LF Various Clothing Items

  12. OfficialCheesyfruitball

    LF Various Clothing Items

    I will keep this list updated until I find what I'm looking for! Message me or reply if you have any of these for sale and what you'll take. LF: - Evil Queen shirt - Black cowboy shirt no vest - Boys Mardi Gras purple shirt - Cowboy Woody Sheriff Boots - Pirates attraction pin set (Bombardment...
  13. OfficialCheesyfruitball


    I used all my keys on the potc chests this AM and got a pair of homecoming glasses from the gold chest as well. Along with waterfalls, pebble rocks, and Captain America pins.
  14. OfficialCheesyfruitball

    Cheesyfruitball needs...

    Hi. I'm looking for the following: - Blue Haunted Mansion suit top - Kristoff pants - Vampire pants (possibly suit if it's affordable) - Cowboy Woody Sheriff top - Cowboy Woody Sheriff Boots - Hawaiian Aloha shirt (male) I'm online right now, but if not just shoot me a PM to meet up!
  15. OfficialCheesyfruitball


    How much for each of these items individually? I'm not sure what they're all called...
  16. OfficialCheesyfruitball

    HOW TO: Fix bugs in Jungle Cruise!

    The best way to end a game early is to just crash your boat into rocks or the side of the river. It will end the game for you and give you credits for the points you earned.
  17. OfficialCheesyfruitball

    Maleficent Strone Throne?

    Anyone know a value of the stone throne from gold POTC chest? Can't seem to find one, got a couple I'm trying to get rid of!
  18. OfficialCheesyfruitball

    LF RED haunted mansion suit

    Bumpity bump :)
  19. OfficialCheesyfruitball

    Need help getting to the park Stand Needs a Ride

    Once stand gets a ride, I'd love to come along too if anyone goes this summer!!!