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  1. Oyewole

    GoPro Time Lapse

    Was wondering what you used. That's awesome and I'll definitely be trying it out. Nice footage :)
  2. Oyewole

    Aerial Photography

    Lightroom is a powerful program!
  3. Oyewole

    Aerial Photography

    Yeah there's a lot of bad media about them right now... I just wanna take pictures of pretty stuff! lol
  4. Oyewole

    Aerial Photography

    Hey guys! I've been studying photography for several years and I recently invested in a Drone to take my skills a bit further and see what else I can accomplish... Here is one of the first images I captured before and after post production. Let me know what you think! (note: the image quality...
  5. Oyewole

    my photography c;

    I was actually referring to lightroom. I don't see much post editing.
  6. Oyewole

    Kong pow

    Just leaving this here,manual
  7. Oyewole

    my photography c;

    Your photos are good but do you do anything for post processing?
  8. Oyewole

    Post a Picture of Yourself. Again

    Jinx ur purty
  9. Oyewole

    Getting MyVMK More Popular

    Why it isn't as active as it used to be? The game started out very popular. Over time management became increasingly worse and many things have happened to push players away from the game. Not sure about the other questions.
  10. Oyewole

    guy advice!

    My advice: be yourself. If this guy is interested in you he will find some time to reach out. Maybe tell him very clearly that you are interested and see how he feels. It's better to be direct than feed around the bush with these things. Usually if you have feelings for someone you will know...
  11. Oyewole


    sounds like you're going to have a wicked hangover this morning but v good m8
  12. Oyewole

    I regret getting my car..(buyer's remorse) ☺

    screams bc first world problems
  13. Oyewole

    Your skin care routine?

    apply water to the face in shower
  14. Oyewole

    Rant as being a server/waitress

    I was wondering this too! We only get $2/hr here also.
  15. Oyewole

    The Debate: Male and Female friendships

    I'm going to be very honest and throw a new perspective in here. If I am not in a relationship, and I befriend an attractive girl, I will always casually flirt and show interest (unless of course they've clearly shut me down or have a boyfriend). The only reason I do this is because I find it...
  16. Oyewole

    logo gone

    It's happening again
  17. Oyewole

    logo gone

    I'm sure the first admin to log in will see this but your logo just expired on imgur :) kthx
  18. Oyewole

    Pokemon GO

    I'd venture into the ghetto for an Articuno, wouldn't you?
  19. Oyewole

    Please pray for me

    CRAZY RiiGGHTT?????
  20. Oyewole

    Please pray for me

    Oh, sorry. For the record the main post was written as a joke but yes I am fine. First three days after surgery were pretty rough but I am doing well.