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  1. MysteryT

    Question about Beta

    I need to play more VMK soon, I've just been so busy :c I want to build awesome rooms like I used to back in the day, but there's so many costumes and stuff to buy now because of Halloween xD
  2. MysteryT

    HM Game

    I wish like 80 ghosts should spawn every round, no matter how many people you are <3333333333
  3. MysteryT

    Thanks alot everyone...

  4. MysteryT

    How Popular Are You From 1-10

    7/10 I've seen you sometimes. Yay. I contributed.
  5. MysteryT

    VMK Character Name

    I was BattleTommy on VMK, now I'm MysteryT :O
  6. MysteryT

    What was your favorite minigame?

    Pirates of The Caribbean was my favorite, followed up by Haunted Mansion.
  7. MysteryT

    Favorite Cookie Type (very important question)

    I like homemade double chocolate chip cookies the best. And I like cookie dough ice cream. Yay. I like oreos, but they're far from my favorite type of cookies.
  8. MysteryT

    YouTube Banner

    I just made a quick banner for my new YouTube channel x]
  9. MysteryT

    What is a spree?

    Sorry for being silly, but I have no idea what people are talking about when they are talking about credit sprees :P
  10. MysteryT

    MyVMK Community Demographic

    I'm 21 :O I was 12 when I started playing ^-^
  11. MysteryT

    Haunted Mansion Alpha Testing!

    I don't crash as much anymore, but the ghost count is way too low.
  12. MysteryT

    General chat topic

  13. MysteryT

    Guys costumes

    I was thinking of skeleton Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean :P
  14. MysteryT

    Haunted Mansion Alpha Testing!

    Ghosts seemed to spawn very slow today, but yesterday it worked fine. Yesterday I would easily get 50-70 ghosts, but now I'm lucky if I even get 30-40 on three rounds. And I don't seem to get points when I suck the other team. (Okay, that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean :P)
  15. MysteryT

    Fifty Shades of Grey

    Books/movies targeted for middle aged women aren't for me.
  16. MysteryT

    Which Disney character would YOU want to see be made in to a VMK outfit...?

    I want to be Kronk. The custom shirt would make you buff lmao
  17. MysteryT

    Mansion High Score Question

    Someone has been playing a bunch, I see :O
  18. MysteryT

    October So Far

    Kinky. I love this October! Since I started playing this October, and we have got Haunted Mansion <3
  19. MysteryT

    Just a question

    Can you trade credits, or can you not? :P If not, would it be able to enable credit trading sometime in the future? ^^ I can't remember being able to trade credits on VMK, but I haven't traded in a bazillion years so I wouldn't know.