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  1. popgirlzzz

    Looking For All Of These Items! Updated 9/9/18

    I think I have the kida anklet!
  2. popgirlzzz

    Hi Liv!:)

    Hi Liv!:)
  3. popgirlzzz

    Clothes for sale!

    TURQ PTN ears!!
  4. popgirlzzz

    TRADING PINS! Luxo pins and gold chest Ariel pin!

    Offer away:) mainly looking for credits ! (I am saving up for something!)
  5. popgirlzzz

    E-mail MYVMK

    Does anyone know how to figure out what email their account is under? I have two emails I send games and stores to... I just don't remember which I used.... Thank you!<3
  6. popgirlzzz

    LOOKING FOR: Ariel (old) and Megara outfits!

    It's in the title:)
  7. popgirlzzz

    Once Upon A Quest - Jasmine Prize Update

    The dress is GORGEOUS! Thank you so much staff for keeping us in the loop, and creating such a gorgeous design!
  8. popgirlzzz

    All the furniture

    beauty and the beast furni?
  9. popgirlzzz

    Hi Liv!<3

    Hi Liv!<3
  10. popgirlzzz

    Selling Deez Hatz

    @thisischris page 1
  11. popgirlzzz

    Frozen Clothes

    I can sell you Elsa winter top and skirt but not shoes
  12. popgirlzzz


  13. popgirlzzz

    leah's shtuff for sale (10/11)

    ill send you a pm tonight and we can figure out when to meet up:)
  14. popgirlzzz

    leah's shtuff for sale (10/11)

    Just let me know when is good for you! I will mostly be doing hw tomorrow but will check back to see any updates:)
  15. popgirlzzz

    leah's shtuff for sale (10/11)

    I feel terrible! I don't know how I didn't see this im so sorry!
  16. popgirlzzz

    leah's shtuff for sale (10/11)

    I can get on right now! sorry I was kinda busy today!
  17. popgirlzzz

    leah's shtuff for sale (10/11)

    pocahontas necklace... 2k?
  18. popgirlzzz

    All the clothes

    2k for dark blue flower crown and 2k for white flower crown?
  19. popgirlzzz

    Trading old MyVMK releases

    I want the Germany pin!!! idk how much it is
  20. popgirlzzz

    All the clothes

    I messaged you!