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  1. IncredibleJD

    Name & Gif signatures

    Hey man, whenever you start doing these again. Let me know. I won't bombard you with another request because I have no idea if you're gonna be online again. Do got a Marvel one for you tho.
  2. IncredibleJD

    Pod Experiments (UPDATED with Rarity Classifications)

    This is a pretty awesome idea that you guys did with the Pods by the way. Gonna hopefully find some soon. Definitely a way to get people on and into rooms.
  3. IncredibleJD

    Mythology Month

    This would be fantastic. -Cough- Another Maui item would be splendid too -cough-
  4. IncredibleJD

    I came back again.

    Come back for a week, leave for two months. It's a trend.
  5. IncredibleJD

    MyVMK In-game Staff Applications

    Please let me know when you'll be going back and looking for new staff.
  6. IncredibleJD

    And I'm out again.

    Appreciate it! I'll definitely stop by at some point again. See if anything has changed. It doesn't take much time to see that nothing is different. Everyone just sits around in auction rooms now. No point in trying to make actual game room and discussion rooms. You will. Key note to the...
  7. IncredibleJD

    And I'm out again.

    Was fun while it lasted but I have pretty much the same issues as I did when I originally played this game. Just feels too cliquey. It's a social environment where people have issues being social at all. And when it is social, it's the same group of people amongst themselves. I had a few...
  8. IncredibleJD

    Anyone able to get on?

    Whole site was down for me a few minutes ago. Just popped back up and now I can't enter the game.
  9. IncredibleJD

    hello! I'm new to myvmk!

    Welcome to the game! Ya need any help with anything, or see me in the game feel free to say hi!
  10. IncredibleJD

    That Song You Have on Repeat

  11. IncredibleJD

    LF: Beast's hat and outfit[?]

    Currently in need of his hat and his attire for a game. Let me know a price or what you may be looking for and we can work something out.
  12. IncredibleJD

    Oh hello again.

    Thank you~! I hope to see you in the game again! Hope as well! Nice to meet you! Thank you! I'm so glad you remember that awesome hair! I've toned it down a bit. Thank you! Thank you! Thanks! Thank you! HEY MOOGLE! Hope to see ya in the game :) WONDERRRRRRRRR
  13. IncredibleJD

    Oh hello again.

    So I left around November...came in once to check on things and it seem kinda dead. Well, I'm back. Would like to be full time back again but with so many things going on in life, no promises. Any familiar faces still around? Not gonna expect people to remember me at all but. Ay. Again.
  14. IncredibleJD

    An hour where every item ever released is for sale and everyone has unlimited credits?

    I would suggest something a bit different. Not every item. Not unlimited credits. One or the other. Maybe they can announce a day where certain items will be released on certain days. I don't want to hear anyone talk about economics though. As nice as I can be, the economy and "rarity" of...
  15. IncredibleJD

    I'm Trading Clothes!

    How much would you want? Oh, we're in the same room.
  16. IncredibleJD

    I'm Trading Clothes!

    Jack Skellington.
  17. IncredibleJD


    MARVEL/NETFLIX PRESENTS LUKE CAGE "Knock down a few doors and now you're Harlem's Captain America?" Has anyone finished watching this or has checked it out? Oh my god. It's another show where if you live in a city environment, you recognize the feel. There's certain faces that just...
  18. IncredibleJD

    I'm Trading Clothes!

    You wouldn't be accepting any credit offers at all?
  19. IncredibleJD

    Anniversary Raffle Feedback

    I never got the chance to comment on this but I finally got that free moment. I would like to send some brutal honesty too. I don't see fault. Do I think there should have been some better and unique prizes handed out? Sure. But I feel like some people mistake what a raffle is all about...
  20. IncredibleJD

    I need a break

    If you do get on ToonTown, you can find me as Funky The Dancing Monkey. But I feel ya. VMK has always been more of a social site than it has been a game. Kinda. I have no idea what they could do to really pull people in.