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  1. Cheshire

    please close :D

    The Ride-a-thon prize was the Christmas Crate 2016 :)
  2. Cheshire

    Halloween Quest

    You must go to the Castle Forecourt in order to begin todays quest, then click the Q button in there :)
  3. Cheshire

    Why is my wifi slow o-o

    Have you tried to clear your cache and cookies? Or if you use a program to play MyVMK, have you tried deleting it and then reinstalling it?
  4. Cheshire

    SOS pls someone help me

    Currently, that's the only way you could possibly play (other than using programs like boot camp or a windows parallel). That thread should give you some insight on how it works. -Cheshire
  5. Cheshire

    SOS pls someone help me

    MyVMK does not currently work on MacBooks due to it not supporting shockwave. If you still wish to play, you can try using: -Cheshire
  6. Cheshire

    Reach record numbers, before a Staff Member posts!

    126! Oh wait :CheshireBounce:
  7. Cheshire

    MyVMK Game Site Issue

    It's up and running again :)
  8. Cheshire

    Mike Car Magic It was an unreleased magic on VMK :)
  9. Cheshire

    I still can't get in, you know!

    You upgraded your shockwave ? Also, have you tried different browsers? Firefox, Opera, Safari, Explorer? I know Chrome won't work due to it not supporting shockwave.
  10. Cheshire

    Angel Hat

    Thread closed by request :)
  11. Cheshire

    Selling Green Flip Hat

    Thread closed by request :)
  12. Cheshire

    please close

    Closed by request :)
  13. Cheshire

    Forum email alerts

    It might be an issue via forums end. Hopefully it's all resolved soon :)
  14. Cheshire

    Forum email alerts For gmail, try checking this section to see if anything is blocked/filtered. Hopefully your notifications begin to work :hearts:
  15. Cheshire

    Forum email alerts

    Have you tried to check if your email is the same one you're checking? Or it could possibly be your email blocking forum emails. Check to see if its blocked or marked as spam and possibly add it to your safe senders list to see if it allows for your email notifications to go through.
  16. Cheshire

    Forum email alerts Check your privacy and preference in those links. That should help you to enable email alerts again :). Let me know if you have any additional questions...
  17. Cheshire

    Trade made.

    Thread closed by request :)
  18. Cheshire

    Green Flip Hat

    Thread closed by request :)
  19. Cheshire

    Orange Lagoonagator Hat

    Thread closed by request :)
  20. Cheshire

    Spring Cleaning!

    Closed by request :)