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    Hi Mom! <3

    Hi Mom! <3
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    trapped in the upside down

    trapped in the upside down
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    Monorail Acting Weird?

    Same thing happened to me for Matterhorn after I went afk for too long and was booted out of the room. I just waited a day and I was finally allowed back in xD
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    like omg welcome back. BrightEyes was deeply missed.. :seesaw:
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    Shego Outfit

    omg your talent is amazing!!! I love it!!! <33333
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    Need help getting to the park take masha 2 park

    oh no..... your 2 kind doing other peoples dirty work.
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    MASHA Where have you beeen allll my lyfeeee

    MASHA Where have you beeen allll my lyfeeee
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    HEYYYYY ;)

    HEYYYYY ;)
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    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, but the food became monsters and ate the people instead... I wish for a delicious pizza...
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    Are there people like me?

    No, you are right. HM lobby is always dead. It used to be popular back when it was released and for awhile after now it just completely died down. POTC lobby you can occasionally find someone. However, I think partially due to school being back in session a lot of people aren't going to be...
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    Quitting Raffle

    Didn't really know you! but sorry to see you go! (Don't enter me into the raffle)
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    Jon Bellion

    All of Visionary Music Group are the best <3
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    Favorite type of girl scout cookie?

    I like them all...... But if I had to choose it would be thin mints all the way. We have a whole closet dedicated too them... No shame....
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    Taking Out The Trash At Night

    I got used to it, I have to walk through woods for about a mile to get to the end of my driveway so i mean if someones going to come after me its a perfect setting. I also know my way around the woods so I mean they would have to as well. So Good Luck to them. I used to be so paranoid but now...
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    Have you ever met anyone famous?

    I once met Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, Gus The Groundhog, and Punxsutawney Phil. Thats about it.
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    Hello, my hot-line is blinging.... is it you ringing?

    Hello, my hot-line is blinging.... is it you ringing?
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    I was supposed to get mine out, like 5 years ago, but they later called me and said I no longer needed to get them taking out.