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    Trading Another Princess Hat :)

    offer withdrawn
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    Trading leroy

    3 fire walls and 1* flying carpet
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    Trading Leroy Hat(Sitch hat colored red) for Princess Minnie Hat

    i'll offer you 3 fire walls for your Leroy hat
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    Trading Flip Hat for Blue Stitch Hat!

    I think when Kevin replies to your thread saying WOW your lucky you've been trolled enough.
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    Missing magic from inventory

    having it show up stacked is fine EXCEPT when you have 6x 1* Invisible and 1x 5* and the 5* is lost someplace in the middle.
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    Trading 3 1* Flying Carpet for 3 1* Invisibility Magic

    i'll do this! i'm in the fireworks lobby if you wanna trade
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    Yes, i had the same issue, Kevin said to use the South instance because East is broken for some reason
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    First MyVMK Lotto/raffle

    sounds fun! count me in :)
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    Benefactor's First Giveaway - Win a Grandfather Clock!

    congrats to the winners!
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    Trading a VFK Beanie and White Visor

    Title says it all... Auto win: Green Flip Hat post your offers in either this thread or a PM :)
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    Quick Question !

    I completely agree with this, there are a lot more clocks in the game than green flip hats
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    Trading clock

    anything specific you are looking for?
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    -Skellington's Christmas Tree-

    had such a fun time, Ranch! your room was amazing and I learned so much new Disney trivia tonight :)
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    The Official Buyable Item Thread

    On Halloween there is going to be a one day sale on all the spooky specials that were released this month, so there is still a chance for you to buy them :)
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    Need better assistance in game

    for now all we can do is continue to report the behavior and when a staff comes online they will take care of it. Hopefully once more staff is brought on calls for help will be answered immediately like they were in VMK. We have to remember that right now they are not only working on fixing the...
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    Selling bat magic

    i can do this trade
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    General Client Update

    thanks so much Amy! gonna see if my score improves at all in fireworks now :)
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    Selling a bat magic

    firewall and a churro cart